6 Months Postpartum: the half way point

Love Life and Lollipops- 6 Months Postpartum

Postpartum recovery is truly a full year.  Flushing your body of all those crazy hormones, shrinking your pelvis back to size (well as far back as it will go...often your shape postpartum is different from preconception), losing all those lbs, replacing your nutrient stores (assuming you're working toward this...it takes major discipline) from which you pulled to pull a rabbit out of a hat (read: build a baby from scratch), meanwhile keeping the rest of your life and family in some sort of order takes major time and commitment.

For me, this round has been even more challenging than the first (with Avi of course I mean), yet even more rewarding.  There is twice as much to keep up with and even less sleep to have, but having done it once before, I have a confidence and set of skills I did not previously have.  It allows me to enjoy it a bit more and take absolutely nothing for granted.  As some of these days feel so long and challenging after coming off of only a few hours of sleep, there is a constant reminder that these days are fleeting and I should love and cherish every second of them.

That said...losing this weight has been the biggest challenge.  And while it sounds superficial, it's a bit more profound.  Here's why: between the conception period, two miscarriages (1 and 2), and the 10 long months of pregnancy, it's been a long time since I've felt like myself.  My body has been through so many changes (both physical and emotional) and so many restrictions, it's been hard to feel like my old, fun, wild self.  Having my body (at least resemble) what it once did, being able to fit into my old clothes reminds me that at some point, I'll be able to be me again once in a while, not just Mama 24 hours a day.

The cleaner I eat, the more yoga I do, this new interval training I'm doing, and Soul Cycling I've started, the quicker I see myself jump off that plateau I landed on and my size start to shrink back.

Between the last time I posted and now, my weight really did plateau.  I had a serious problem getting below the 128lb mark.  I was literally stuck there for the last two months.  But in the last week since I've started this new exercise regimen and really concentrated on not overeating (which is tough when nursing) and incorporating more raw foods with the arrival of this beautiful weather, I've lost another 2 lbs in the past week.  I'm pretty sure over the last few months of yoga I've gained a bit of muscle as I can feel myself significantly stronger.  So that's where I am 126lbs!  I definitely would like to shed a few more off my belly (and love handles;)), but I'm starting to feel happy about where I am!

But more importantly than that, I'm feeling great energy from my work outs, less bloated from the foods I'm eating, less cravings, and generally happier (regardless of the fact that the major lack of sleep continues!).

Soul Cycle kicked my butt! And I'm going back for more.

Love Life and Lollipops- Red faced from our Soul Cycle workout...was this red for hours!

I have to admit that exercise has never really been my thing.  I've always been part of the artsy crowd, not the athletic one.  In college I started yoga in college and fell in love.  And since then, that was my main form of exercise (that and walking like crazy of course).  Yoga feels fantastic to me.  It resonated with my  body and mind and is a staple in my life.  Since having Bar, my yoga classes have been helping me get toned and strong and remain sane.

The thing is, in so many books I've been reading (like Mark Hyman's UltraMetabolism and Andrew Weil's 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and John Douillard's The 3 Season Diet and others) these top holistic doctor are talking about interval training and how important it is to getting to your proper weight and maintaining optimum health.  For so so long I breezed through these parts of the books focusing only on the nutrition and lifestyle sections.  It was really a block for me and a laziness coming from a place of knowing that hard, heart-pumping, sweaty exercise was uncomfortable for me and I'd prefer not to do it.

But in my struggle to lose this last bit of baby weight, and hitting a major plateau, and being so tired from lack of sleep and maintaining my status quo and no more, I decided last week to start some interval training.  There's no reason I can't fit it in (it only takes 25 min) and I have a gym in my building and Baby Bar sleeps for a hour every morning (during which I was walking with her in the stroller...i.e. the bare minimum exercise I could do).  No excuses!

The interval training on the treadmill made me feel awesome.  I was sweaty and hot and I could totally get through it.  I was even using some of John Douillard's recommendations on breathing exercises (basic pranayama) while I ran and it felt great!  Ujai breathing and sprints?!?  What a fabulous combo.

Jump to this past Saturday when my sister-in-law, Rachel, convinced me to let her sign us both up for spinning class this week.  Jump to this afternoon: anxiety, nervousness, spinning shoes on my feet, and ready to go.  Our teacher Jolie was amazing!  She was 7 month pregnant and in waaaaay better shape than me!  She had amazing energy, dj skills to impress any amateur like myself, and had me sweating my face off (literally I was dripping down my face onto my shirt, though you couldn't tell cause I also drenched my shirt).  She was inspiring to say the least.

I couldn't come close to doing all the moves.  There is a lot of choreography and strength work combined and I'm far from the most coordinated as many of you know.  That said, I made it through the whole class and never stopped moving.  It incorporated abs, upper body, weights, sprints, resistance work, full full body.

Everyone said I'd be addicted.  Not sure if I'm addicted...yet...but I'm definitely up for the challenge.  Soul Cycle, here I come!  Baby weight, here you go!