Postpartum Update: 8 Months and finally back down to size

Love Life and Lollipops- 8 Months Postpartum

Sooooo...I stepped on the scale this morning and I've finally reached my goal!  (Well at least my first goal, of course since I've set more;)).  I'm at 120lbs which was my pre-pregnancy weight (at the height of it's fluctuating).  I was psyched (and shocked).  Last round it took me a full year.  This round I've been kicking my butt.  Yogaing.  Soul Cycling.  Eating clean.  Green tea.  Tons of greens.  Apple Cider vinegar 3x/day.

Did you say apple cider vinegar?  Yup!  Apple cider vinegar.  It is cleansing, invigorating, detoxifying, energizing.  I love it and the effect it's had on my energy and digestion and and...  But that's for a whole nother post, the benefits of apple cider vinegar in your day.  For now, I thought I'd go over what I've been doing, eating, whatnot, in my day since I've been getting a bunch of questions and emails about it.

Wake up: drink a full glass of water

Wash up then: an apx. tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and a glass of water with the juice of 1 lemon

Around 9/9:30a: green juice (when I can fit it into my day that is)

10:30aish: breakfast- oatmeal with cashew butter or sprouted toast with avocado or leftover brown rice and miso or tofu and cold green tea

11:30a: another tblsp apple cider vinegar

2pish: lunch- brown rice with veggies and tofu or vegan soup or macro bowl or hummus and veggies and cold green tea

4pish: third dose of apple cider vinegar and asnack if i need it- raw macaroon, hummus and carrots, fruit

6:30/7p: dinner- vegan soup and brown rice or whole grain couscous and roasted veggies or veggie pad thai or brown rice veggie sushi or rice and beans

8:30pish (after baby bedtime): green tea with peppermint

9:30p (if I'm hungry still): a bowl of cereal with fresh nut mylk, apple with cashew butter, raw macaroon (I'm really into these as of recently)

I also am Soul Cycling 2-3x/week and loving it.  Doing yoga at least once per week.  And running (interval training) in between when I can.

I've (for the first time in my life) become addicted to the sweaty workout thing!  It makes it easier for me to consistently eat clean.  And I'm finally getting some sleep.  Once again, life is good;)

6 Months Postpartum: the half way point

Love Life and Lollipops- 6 Months Postpartum

Postpartum recovery is truly a full year.  Flushing your body of all those crazy hormones, shrinking your pelvis back to size (well as far back as it will go...often your shape postpartum is different from preconception), losing all those lbs, replacing your nutrient stores (assuming you're working toward takes major discipline) from which you pulled to pull a rabbit out of a hat (read: build a baby from scratch), meanwhile keeping the rest of your life and family in some sort of order takes major time and commitment.

For me, this round has been even more challenging than the first (with Avi of course I mean), yet even more rewarding.  There is twice as much to keep up with and even less sleep to have, but having done it once before, I have a confidence and set of skills I did not previously have.  It allows me to enjoy it a bit more and take absolutely nothing for granted.  As some of these days feel so long and challenging after coming off of only a few hours of sleep, there is a constant reminder that these days are fleeting and I should love and cherish every second of them.

That said...losing this weight has been the biggest challenge.  And while it sounds superficial, it's a bit more profound.  Here's why: between the conception period, two miscarriages (1 and 2), and the 10 long months of pregnancy, it's been a long time since I've felt like myself.  My body has been through so many changes (both physical and emotional) and so many restrictions, it's been hard to feel like my old, fun, wild self.  Having my body (at least resemble) what it once did, being able to fit into my old clothes reminds me that at some point, I'll be able to be me again once in a while, not just Mama 24 hours a day.

The cleaner I eat, the more yoga I do, this new interval training I'm doing, and Soul Cycling I've started, the quicker I see myself jump off that plateau I landed on and my size start to shrink back.

Between the last time I posted and now, my weight really did plateau.  I had a serious problem getting below the 128lb mark.  I was literally stuck there for the last two months.  But in the last week since I've started this new exercise regimen and really concentrated on not overeating (which is tough when nursing) and incorporating more raw foods with the arrival of this beautiful weather, I've lost another 2 lbs in the past week.  I'm pretty sure over the last few months of yoga I've gained a bit of muscle as I can feel myself significantly stronger.  So that's where I am 126lbs!  I definitely would like to shed a few more off my belly (and love handles;)), but I'm starting to feel happy about where I am!

But more importantly than that, I'm feeling great energy from my work outs, less bloated from the foods I'm eating, less cravings, and generally happier (regardless of the fact that the major lack of sleep continues!).

12 Weeks Postpartum=Bar is 3 Months Old!

Love Life and Lollipops- Me and Bar

I can't believe we are already at the 3 month mark!  It was a wild ride, but we're definitely out of the craziness of the super newborn phase and all getting used to each other.  Bar is an absolutely amazing baby and my heart is full of love.

As for the postpartum front, I'm down to 130lbs with another 10 to go.  I feel like it's mostly belly weight, but I'm sure I could shave a bit off my legs and back side as well;)  Aside from the break and holidays which threw a wrench in my plan to get my pre-baby body back, I've been doing pretty well.  I'm feeling more back to myself than I have in what feels like a long time.  I've been working out, yogaing more (and about to start mommy and me yoga, yay!), eating really clean, and doing my best to keep positive as much as possible (though it can be a challenge with a ridiculously active toddler and a serious lack of sleep).  Mind over body, right?!?

Moving forward it's definitely time to get my life back in order.  Start seeing clients again for nutrition counseling, cooking more (though I've been pretty good on that front, the more the better), yoga yoga yoga, blogging!, and generally being more organized and proactive (I've got a few projects on the horizon;)).

9 Weeks Postpartum Weight loss and Update

Love Life and Lollipops0 9 weeks postpartum

Sorry (I'm always sorry to you all these days).  Life of juggling and diaper changing...I could be in the circus!  I joke.  Ok maybe no.  Ha!

Anyhow, we're in Anguilla (and the internet is doing a disappearing act every few minutes...been tough to post)!  My in-laws took us and some of the clan for my 30th birthday and it's absolutely fabulously perfectly gorge here.  We are basically doing the same routine as at home, sleep, eat, diaper, sleep, eat, diaper, and in between I try to squeeze in some reading.  That said, I couldn't be happier.

On the weight loss front, I'll have to update you next time.  At 8 weeks I hadn't lost anything, but I feel like I may have in the last week.  If not, I've at least slimmed down a bit visually.  I've been working out (thank you exercise tv!) and doing my best to be more active and eat more clean (tough on vacay, but I'm doing my best).

To be honest, I think I got too caught up for a bit in the race (against myself, the world, not sure exactly who) to get back to my pre-pregnancy size and it was driving me nuts.  I need to remember that this is all natural and by treating my body well it'll treat me (and Baby Bar) well.  I'm trying to take a slower more natural approach now...letting my body tell me what it needs and doing my best to provide it with that (even if it's the sweets I crave like crazy), just ensuring it's a healthy version.

Are any of you out there on a similar path?  I'd love to hear your stories!!!

6 Weeks Postpartum and 30 Years Old...ahhhh

Llove Life and Lollipops- 6 Weeks Postpartum

Today I'm officially done with my twenties.  I'd say I have emotions running wild around that, but the truth is they're more like fleeting thoughts.  I'm was too deep into infantdom to be preoccupied with anything other than diapers and daily life.  That said, I'm sure my thirties will be great.  And I have no idea where my twenties went.  Three businesses, two kids, a wedding, and a handful of anniversaries went by in a heartbeat.  It was a good one though;)  I hope my thirties show such promise.  I'm hoping my thirties allow me to accomplish more with the knowledge and experiences I've accrued.  Here's to a new decade of sweetness and health, laughter and love, and vegan cupcakes to celebrate.

On the postpartum front, it seems like Baby Bar is settling in nicely.  She is sleeping well, nursing like crazy, and sweet as pie.  She's cuddly and quiet (most of the time) and loves to snuggle into her mama (so I do a lot of baby carrying and wearing which ups my daily exercise).

Besides the temptations of my mom's amazing food for the holiday (see below, totally vegan!!: Field Roast Celebration Roast, my mushroom gravy, mom's stuffing, sweet potato and granny smith mashed potatoes, roast brussel sprouts) and the push  to eat too much, I did ok being away all week (Richie was feeling under the weather so I fled Brooklyn with the girls and spent the week between my parent's and in-law's houses...Richie met us on Wednesday).  I's always a challenge to eat well while away from home.  But other than eating a little too much, we did pretty well!

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

I've been sticking to the same "diet", but've added more walking and some light ab work and weights.  Today I weigh 133.2lbs...about 13 more lbs to go!


Pregnancy Weight Loss: 1 Month Postpartum

Love Life and Lollipops- 1 Month Postpartum

So...the short end of it is this: the first two weeks were way easier than the last.

We've been doing the dance of figuring out each other's quirks and falling into a routine.  The last few days have been great!  The week or so before that, not so.

Bar is a fantastic baby.  She's sweet and happy  and abfab, 90% of the time.  She's been having some serious gas issues and gets into these bouts of screaming pain.  It's terrible to see knowing there's very little we can do about it.  It was effecting our days and nights and we got into a cycle of delirium where we weren't sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time and it was making our days impossible to get t through!

Luckily, that phase lasted less than a week before we started to figure out what was going on and how to work around it.  I've been experimenting with a simpler diet for me and some organic gripe water for her and we've both been doing amazingly better.  I think we've got our groove;)

We've been going on walks, nursing like crazy, reading and rocking!  That plus good sleep at night (considering) and the healing process is back on track!

On the weight loss front, it's been difficult with the lack of sleep to be preparing the types of foods I've been wanting to have around the house, but I've done my best to eat as clean as possible.  Last night Richie and I decided we're going to start fresh.  Here's the plan:

  1. No whites (flour, sugar, rice) and no exceptions! We're always supergood about this in the house, but often break the rules outside.  No more!
  2. More fresh green juices.  I'm making them at home daily and drinking them throughout.  They hydrate, cleanse, and provide us with crazy amounts of healing nutrients and enzymes.
  3. Even more whole grain and less flours (even whole grain flours), so no breads, sandwiches, etc. unless they are sprouted grain breads.l
  4. Only desserts baked in this house, so as to avoid sugar, flour, etc.  I'm baking with only whole grain, guten-free, with brown rice syrup and barley malt as sweeteners.  Good, healthful stuff!
  5. Even less processed!  We're pretty good about this too, but it'll mean cutting out the occasional tofu dog (which is really very rare) and the tofu cream cheese (which is a regular part of our breakfast).
As for lbs lost here's the update:
11/3- 2wks 5 days postpartum- 140.2lbs
11/4- 2wks 6 days postpartum- 139lbs
11/6- 3wks 1 day postpartum- 138.2lbs
11/9- 3wks 4 days postpartum- 136.8lbs
11/14- 4wks 2 days postpartum- 136.2lbs
And that's all folks...

Sleep oh how I miss thee...

Love Life and Lollipops- Nap Time with Baby Bar

So we're coming up on 4 weeks postpartum and the sleep deprivation is catching up to me.  I was superlucky to heal fast from the delivery and was on a real high for a couple weeks after Baby Bar's arrival.  I was feeling great and energetic and definitely doing too much trying to make up for the lack of attention that I was giving Avi by means of cooking dinners, playing with her around the apartment too hard, rushing out in the morning to walk her to school with Richie and the such.

Well, it's all caught up with me and hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'm staying calm and doing my best to slow down and do less, but those first few weeks have definitely taken their toll.  Now it's time for naps, reading in bed, baking cookies, and staying in more.  I'm not very good at doing any of those things when there is work to be done, thank you's to be written, dishes in the sink...

That said, I preach to my nutrition clients how important it is to get good sleep.  Dr. Andrew Weil, of whom I am a huge fan, wrote a whole book on the importance of healthy sleep habits.  When we sleep our bodies repair and our minds rejuvenate.  Our bodies are built to function well, but without the right input and output, we throw off our natural cycles.

Of course, when you're a parent of a young children, much of what you do for yourself is compromised by doing what is best for your child.  I chose to breastfeed, co-sleep, and attachment parent.  It makes it very difficult to do much self-care!

That said, I am sneaking in baths (filled with salts and essential oils), naps, and afternoon walks with the baby all to keep me sane and serene.

Pregnancy Weight Loss: 2 Weeks Postpartum

Love Life and Lollipops- 2 Weeks Postpartum

In the midst of trying to get everything back on track, figuring out our new routine with my new boo, catching up on all the things that fell through the cracks while I was in the hospital, and whatnot, I did some thinking on all the things I want to write about. Honestly, I'm a list maker.  I've been for as long as I can remember.  Lists keep me organized, sane.  On my list of important things to work on is keeping a log of my postpartum days and months.  I want to actively participate in my weight loss this time around, making sure I'm doing it healthfully, responsibly, and consistently.

With Avital there were a lot of issues around my weight loss including her weight gain, my emotional/hormonal roller coster ride, and a lack of understanding about how to go about it the right way.  I was vegetarian then, but still eating dairy regularly and fish on occasion.  I also was just starting my journey to health and understood a lot less about my body and it's inner workings.

This time, I will absolutely apply all I've learned to make sure I get not only back to my skinny self, but hopefully a more healthful self.

Here's my plan (or at least my phase 1 plan...until I'm cleared to exercise, I can really only control my diet and calorie restriction and detoxification are a no-no for breast feeding moms):

  • Eat to my hunger without over eating.  It is a fine line and figuring out where your limit is is crucial to learning how to eat healthfully.
  • To incorporate greens in at least 1 meal/day ideally in 2.  I've been buying Satur Farms stir fry greens that are pre-washed and cut so it's super easy to throw some in a pan over some olive oil and garlic any time of day.
  • I'm eating brown rice in place of bread for as many meals/day as is possible.  Brown rice is superhealthy and cleansing, plus it keeps you fuller longer with all it's whole grain goodness.
  • I'm drinking tons of water.  It helps build my milk supply, flushes my system throughout the day, and keeps me hydrated, awake, and clear skinned.
  • I'm nursing baby Bar on demand.  Building my milk supply and nursing as often as possible both burns calories for me (apx. 500/day) and gives calories to her to grow big and strong!
  • I'm avoiding as much bread and flour as possible and whites (flour, sugar, you know the bad guys) entirely.  At home we're eating Food for Life's sprouted grain breads and english muffins.  I do eat whole grain breads out of the house, but try to choose real whole grains in their place when I can.
  • I'm also avoiding any processed foods aside from the very occasional splurge on a vegan treat like a chck'n sandwich or tofu dog, but it's rare...I'll generally chose a veggie or bean burger in it's place...or even a seitan burger or something like that...yum!  It's really only a once/week kinda treat.
  • I'm drinking lots of green tea, kukicha tea, and mother's milk tea as well along with fresh pressed fruit and veggie juices.
  • And I'm walking when I can.  Not overdoing it as I'm still healing, but getting in regular, daily exercise/movement where I can in chores around the house, walking Avi to school, that sorta thing.
  • When I can I'm taking baths.  I like my baths hot! and filled with sea salts, herbs, and oils.  It soothes my nerves, calms my mind, and relaxes my muscles.  Even a 15 minute soak transforms me into a new person entirely.
  • And lastly, I'm doing my best to nap.  I'm a horrible napper, but seeing as my night's sleep is compromised, when I can I get a bit in during the day.  Our bodies need sleep to repair, rejuvenate, and do it's work to keep our immune systems strong and our organs functioning properly.
So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll post for you guys my weight loss, pics as I lose (don't make fun of how jiggly I am!), and notes on how I'm feeling about the whole thing.
For today: my pic is above, ahhhhhh (yes I'm smiling and making the best out of my jiggly figure;))!  I'm feeling good about getting started, frustrated that I can't start exercising yet, and generally speaking happy and tired!
I'm loving being a mommy to a newborn again, not too concerned yet about losing quickly as it's still really early in the game, but excited to get started.  Meanwhile, I'm binding with my belly bandit every day (though I can't wear it to sleep cause it's too uncomfortable while co-sleeping) to minimize my swelling and control my bleeding (which is basically over already!).  I'm wearing my maternity jeans and feeling skinny in them;)
Oh and I almost forgot! here's my weight loss so far:
10/15- still pregnant- 158lbs (yup! 40 lbs yielded a 6.8lb baby!!!)
10/19- 4 days postpartum- 148.6lbs
10/20- 5 days postpartum- 145.6lbs
10/21- 6 days postpartum- 144.2lbs
10/26- 1wk 4days postpartum- 141.4lbs
10/29- 2 weeks postpartum- still exactly 141.4
(generally I won't weigh myself so often, but I was really curious how much weight comes off early with the swelling and I've definitely gained some lbs in boob weight! ha!)