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Positivity Begets Positive Energy

Me and Jonny

Me and Jonny Today is a day I needed to search for the positive.  I needed to keep trying to find it because the world felt heavy.  Things seemed to be working against me.  I was tired.

We started the day way to early.  In the middle of the night actually.  I was up twice with the dog and once with Bar before she decided to come into our bed at 4am.  I didn't get much sleep between then and the hour Richie gave me a 7a.

That hour made us all late for our days.  Both girls late to school.  It was Bar's first day.  Traffic on the way to SoulCycle.  No spots and the garage was closed.  I walked into my most important and necessary class of the week 6 minutes late.  That class though put me back on a better energy level.  Then rush to shower and pick up Avi from school.  I had exactly an hour with her to spend some "special time".  Sushi and candy.  Candy for her and of course Bar, but most importantly my friend Conor who had surgery yesterday.  Spending some time with him was on the list for later.  Then a conference with her Kindergarten teacher.  Her then me.  Drop her off.  Speed to Conor's.  Quality time with him while he's laid up in bed.  Rush home for dinner to find that Richie has decided to stay in the city with friends.  Hence last minute alone evening with two kids (one extremely cranky from no sleep), our dog Sophie (the easiest of the bunch), and a very very brand new puppy who needs to go out every 20 minutes.

Bar needed to be held most of the night.  As does puppy Ellie since we're trying to avoid accidents in the house.  Bedtime came late because no one wanted to go.  Finally I put Bar to bed, the puppy in her crate, and started to read the first out of two books to Avi when I hear Bar screaming at the top of her lungs.  I mean really wailing.  I give it time, maybe she'll lie back down and drink her bottle and fall asleep.  No luck though.  In fact the puppy hears Bar and starts crying.  So I have a screaming 2 year old, a crying 8 week old puppy, and Avi telling me to keep reading.  She just cannot go to sleep without me reading to her and then lying with her.

Bedtime took an hour and a half.  Writing this post I realize there is a long list of other things I should be doing.  Filling out forms for Avi's school, getting the puppy's papers in order, getting all our bags ready for the morning, music research, responding to emails, emptying boxes, organizing my home, laundry...

And all of that is overwhelming alone.  But with the weight of Jonny gone it feels like just too much.  So I ignore whatever I can afford to for the minute.  Procrastinate.  And blog.

Thank you all for listening.  Thank you all for the amazing emails and love you've sent my way in so many different forms.  Thank each and every one of you who sees me and asks how I'm doing and then immediately recognizes how difficult a question that is to answer.  Thank you.

Happy Friday!

Love Life and Lollipops- Crazy Week!

Our week was a little like this:

So we packed it up and came out to the beach.  I'm psyched to have a quiet weekend with some sand between my toes.

What do you all have planned for the weekend?  How do you decompress after a crazy week?  I need some of those negative ions to balance me back out;)


Beach Vibe, Negative Ions, Feeling Good

Love Life and Lollipops- Beach Vibe, Negative Ions, Feeling Good

I'm a beach gal.  The beach is my favorite place in the world.  Any beach really.  Summer or winter.  Beach beach beach.  There's just something about the smell of the salt in the air, the sand between my toes, the sound of the crashing waves.  If I'm feeling funky, a few minutes at the beach clear me up fast.  I feel energized, inspired, motivated.  My favorite time at the beach is actually in the early spring or fall when no one else is around and there's a bite in the air, but the sun beating down is strong enough to warm you through a sweater.  It's magical.

I try to get to the beach as much as possible (though with two little ones it's not as easy as it once was).  I find that as soon as I get there, all the work and shlepping and whatnot, becomes moot.

And through my studies in health and wellness, I've read more and more about how it's not just magic, it's actually science.

I'll do my best to explain it to you, though I'm no scientist;)  It goes something like this: Ions are electrically charged molecules.  Positive ions are emitted from lots of things in our environment (from radiation, dust, smoke, electronics...) and effect us poorly.  They pollute our air and make us feel fatigued and toxic.  Negative ions are released through beach waves, waterfalls, plants and they cleanse our air and provide us with energy, vitality, they strengthen our immune system, and relieve stress.  In short, exposure to high amounts of negative ions (like at a beach or waterfall) is like a reboot for our bodies.

Unfortunately, in our everyday lives, we are overexposed to positive ions through our polluted environment (the more populated the area, the more positive ions in the air, the more pollution, the more tired the population).  Lucky for us, there are things we can do to give our air a little oomph and a boost of negative ions!  Here's a few things you can do:

  1. Put Himalayan rock salt lamps around your house (I have three).  They are pretty, give a gorgeous warm glow, and pump negative ions into the air to counteract those your tv is throwing out there.
  2. Place some plants around your home.  Plants cleanse our air, bring some nature inside, and remind us city dwellers there there is life past the concrete.
  3. Get to the beach (duh).
  4. Try to avoid synthetics in your home.  Buy natural and organic (fabrics and rugs and sheets and towels and everything, not just bananas and broccoli).
  5. If you live in a very populated and polluted area, buy an air filter (HEPA is best).