Florida Oranges, Avocados, and Lemons Oh My

Love Life and Lollipops- A Floridian Breakfast

This fresh and delicious group of produce makes up the perfect breakfast for a Florida morning! Living in Brooklyn it's easy to overlook your fruit intake in the winter. The fruit is rarely ripe, less often sweet, and not so easy to get your hands on. I do my best to get as much fresh fruit into our diets when it looks good at the market, but I also do my best to make sure we eat locally and in season, which means little to no fruit and tropical/summer veggies in the winter... It is though pretty spectacular to be able to indulge in Florida delicacies. We had a fantabulous breakfast highlighted by avocado drenched in fresh lemon juice and bright, sweet orange wedges!  My in-laws even have their own lemon tree!

Lemons are fantastic for detoxifying and clarifying.