En Route To: Florida

Love Life and Lollipops- Aura Cacia Soothing Lavender Stick

This afternoon we're off to Florida to spend Christmas and New Years with Richie's family.  The whole family gathers there and we spend time hanging, relaxing, winding down our year.  Since we've become vegan, and more importantly, heath enlightened so to speak, travel has been a bit more difficult than before. Even when we plan well we wind up feeling tired, hungry, and bloated among other things!  Nonetheless, I try my best to ward off germs, keep us hydrated and well fed, and entertained throughout. Here are a few things I just can't fly without:

  1. Lavender roll stick- I use this under our noses to cleanse the air we're breathing (you can use any essential oil basically as most are anti-bacterial, but I like lavender for flying as it calms the nerves as well). You can also use it on the balls of your feel for an immune boost I've heard.  Through the feet it gets straight to your systems reflexology style. I also dab some on my neck and wrists and temples.This aromatherapy stick is perfect for travel.
  2. Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer- I use this constantly on our hands and when we sit I give the surfaces around us a spritz and wipe.This hand sanitizer is the best I've tried, not sticky, smells great, and works like a charm.
  3. My iPad equipped with movies and tv shows- no explanation needed, but The Princess and the Frog is a winner for all three of us: good music, animation, and story...old school Disney style!
  4. Miso cups, rice crackers, and kukicha tea- Just add hot water and you're good! And it blows airport food out of the water!  Hydrating, alkalizing, and totally centering! These organic miso cups are the perfect travel food!These brown rice crackers are the perfect compliment to miso soup on the go and completely vegan.I love this kukicha tea. It's roasted and tasty and superhealthy!
  5. Avi's GoGo Squeez apple sauces- Life savers in many a situation, these apple sauces are convenient, spill-proof, and a totally healthy snack on the go!  We found these in Europe when we were traveling with my family and couldn't lug 10 days worth of organic baby food with us.  These were sold at the local market and I thought they were brilliant.  They were almost impossible to find in New York for months and then out of nowhere we cuaght on and now tons of companies make similar products!  These have always been a favorite for Avi though.  I love how if she doesn't finish I can just throw the top back on and pop it in my bag no worries!This apple sauce to go is brilliant and perfect for kids of any age!