Baby Basics

In thinking about what to write today, I realized that I never went over my baby basics with you all.  The following is a list of things I couldn't have lived without for Avital all these past months.  Since day 1 I've had each and every one of these things on hand at all times: Seventh Generation Diapers and Wipes are chlorine-free, biodegradable, and work great!

These eco-friendly diapers are the best I've found.

These wipes are better than mose: eco-friendly, soft, and non-soapy.)

Weleda makes a variety of amazing baby lotions, creams, and the such, but their Calendula Diaper Care has saved us from many a bad night of diaper rash pain!

This organic, calendula diaper cream by Weleda far exceeds any others we've tried.

Giggle and Under the Nile teamed up to make these supercute and totally organic pj's that we've put Avi in from early on (in those first months she had the one-piece footed ones).

Avi almost exclusively wore these organic pj's from Giggle for her first year!

We were out and about with Avital from the time she was just a couple weeks old.  Restaurants, shops, you name it.  Changing diapers in public bathrooms can be a real challenge though.  This changing pad from Patemm has made so many seemingly impossible situations, possible!

This changing pad is amazing with pockets for diapers and cream and wipes.

And lastly (but not least, this list could go on, but that'll be another post), Calfornia Baby's spritzers are amazing across the board.  This Overtired and Cranky Spritzer has calmed so many terrible moments in the car, airport, or just late night.

This spray by California Baby is organic, all-natural, and totally calming!

Are there any things that you guys couldn't live without for your little one?  I'd love to find some new gems!