Sad Cows

Image courtesy of I'm always torn on whether to share information like the following.  I have no interest in being preachy or pushy, but sometimes, I hear or read or see something that is so beyond common knowledge that I feel a responsibility to share it in an effort to prevent it from happening again in the future.

So, if this is too harsh or offensive for any of you, please excuse me, but for those of you who it moves, please please spread the word as violence towards animals is violence all the same.  How far away from hurting people are those who hurt animals?  The lines can be easily blurred as to what we find acceptable as a society and as individuals.

I read about this issue yesterday on The Kind Life and was literally dumbfounded.

This video was captured by Mercy for Animals at Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio:

Ok, maybe you need a minute.  If so, take it.  Take a deep breath.  And remember, there are things we can do.

First: Click here to sign a petition to shut down Conklin Dairy Farm

Next: (For those of you who don't) consider cutting down on your dairy consumption (or cutting it out entirely).  This systematic way of processing cows for milk is what creates the perspective that they are just machines, not animals with feelings and families.

Then: If  you are going to continue eating dairy, do your best to know your dairy farmer.  Try to source your dairy locally from a farmer who treats his animals with love and respect (that is what is honestly going to get you the purest dairy anyhow).  Try to buy as much as you can at your local farmer's market, introduce yourself to your dairy supplier, and save a little bit of money!