A Little Late, But Hanukah Nonetheless

Love Life and Lollipops- Hanukah Menorah

Vegan Hanukah is totally easy. So, of course it's been Hanukah, and of course we've been celebrating, but I haven't been posting about it because I still have residual Thanksgiving posts in the works.  I decided to break them up with a little Hanukah for you guys.

More than anything Hanukah is a fun holiday that (like so many others) involves food, family, and fun.  On Wednesday we all went to my grandma's house like we do every year on the first night of Hanukah and last night my sister-in-law, Andi, hosted all of us on Richie's side (we're a big family of 30 something) and it was lovely!

Avi is loving all the latkas and gelt and is enamored by the candles each night.  It's amazing seeing her so into it (last year it all went way over her head).  I'm loving sharing the traditions of my childhood with my child.  What a fabulous wonder!

I hope you're all loving this holiday season as much as we are!

Vegan latkes are totally delicious!

PS- you can find some fabulous vegan Hanukah recipes from VegNews here:)