Baking Tools

Guest Post: Liza Chrust

Fun Baking Tools I know I usually post about a recipe, but I thought this time I'd share with you  the fun baking tools I have.  These are by no means absolute, must have, I can't make a cake without them, but they sure are fun to have in the kitchen and make baking a little easier and eco friendly in some cases!

My first tool is the offset icing spatula:

Liza uses this offset spatula to make all her amazing vegan cakes!

This is great for evenly distributing icing all over and throughout the cake.  I used to use a regular butter knife before this and I cannot tell you how much this one tool has changed my baking life!  My cakes look much prettier now!

The personalized silicone spatula is not for icing like the offset one, but for mixing.  These are like any other spatula but with two great features!

Liza loves these personalized silicone spatulas for mixing her batters.

One:  They are heat resistant and Two: You can put your name on the handle!  How cool is that.  Mine read "Friedman's Kitchen" (I am getting married soon and that will be my new surname).  These ones have Chuck's Kitchen, but you can really put whatever you like on them.

The last is the Silpat silicone mat:

This silpat is recusable.

These are great for you, the environment, and your cookies!  It is super easy to clean and keep your pans clean too!  It is reusable which is good for the earth and will save you money .  It also make the bottom of your cookies light and crispy!

Enjoy these wonderful, fun baking tools!