My House

Love Life and Lollipops- Montclair Home front

Hi everyone.  Crickets around here recently.  I know.  Sorry!!! Life has been crazy and confusing, but I think we've got it all under control now.  Believe it or not, we're moving again.  I realized that if I'm not gonna be in Brooklyn (my one true love), I need to be closer to family.

Sooooo...after buying and renovating and decorating this amazing home in New Jersey, we've already put it back on the market and are in the process of getting it sold!

Lucky for those of you who've been asking to see pics, the lovely photographers over at Halstead took some fabulous ones.  So here's a peek, my best attempt at design on a budget and within the realm of eco-living as I could:)

(Montclair Home)

(The kitchen and center of my world)

(Welcome in...)

(Montclair Dining Room)

(Avi's Big Girl Room)

(Bar's Baby Room)

(The Girls' Bathroom, fully renovated)




Workout Wear, etc.

Love Life and Lollipops- Lulu Lemon's Power Y Tank

I've been going to spin at Soul more and more these days and I find myself in the predicament of not only living in my workout clothing, but lugging around so much in my bag all day every day. I've been figuring out the right products and gear slowly, but surely, but so far, here are a few of my favorite things to keep me comfortable and light on spin days:

I've been wearing:

Here's what I need in my bag (aside from my spin shoes of course):

All that "said", all the hubbub, and it's still all worth it!  I love love my spin days.  I feel one hundred million times better each time I step out of that studio.  Soon I'll have it all figured out, get it down to a science, meanwhile I'm happy to try new things and find my groove:)

Music Monday: Gabriel Royal

Last week, walking down to the L train, heading into the city for a spin class, I noticed something pretty incredible: total silence from the people waiting for the train...and a single sound, the incredibly sweet and soft notes of Gabriel Royal's cello.  And then his voice chimed in with it...  And it was...beautiful.  Real beauty in the rat infested, grime ridden Bedford Street subway station.  I was literally taken aback.  The calm in the air was palpable.  The slight smile on the faces of otherwise angry commuters was heartwarming.  The energy in the station was pretty amazing.

So, I thought I'd do my best to share it with you all.  Because it really is something special!

Dry Goods Are Gorgeous

Love Life and Lollipops- Dry Goods

When we moved into this apartment, as much as I was in love with the open, newly renovated kitchen, I knew immediately we'd fill it in seconds leaving boxes and boxes of dishes, serving plates, foods, utensils, electronics without any proper place.  So I decided to have some large shelves built to act as an open pantry type thing.

For a long time it was filled with our glasses and plates and some dutch ovens.  But recently I decided to take my mason jar filled cabinets and empty them onto the shelves.  They look great if I do say so myself.  And others have said so too actually.  So many people have complimented me on it.  I'm loving the rainbow of beans and rice and dried fruits and how they promote natural eating and cooking to all those inquisitive minds peering over.

Some of the glass jars I bought, but most of them were from jars of foods I bought at the market, cleaned, and reused!

Vegan Bags and Shoes Oh My!

Love Life and Lollipops- Deena & Ozzy vegan leather bag

In a major effort to defrump and get my life back to a place of style and glamour (insert appropriate joke on me here), I've been seeking out new pieces to add into my wardrobe and accessories bin.  I've been making a real effort to re-chic my life since gaining and losing and regaining and relosing baby weight can make a girl lose any and all interest in attempting coolness. Whenever possible, I chose vegan options for my fashion purchases.  It's not all that easy (though getting progressively easier as time goes on).  That said, when I can sneak new and cool vegan pieces into my wardrobe (without granolifying it too badly), I'm a happy camper.

Here are two of my most recent purchases in the vegan realm which are (hopefully) making me just a tad cooler each time I hit the streets with them:

Also, I'm a bit of a Free People fanatic and I love love that they have a whole section of their site dedicated to vegan leather goods!  Check it out here:)  I'm swooning over oh so many of their vegan duds!

DIY Cut-offs

Love Life and Lollipops- DIY Cutoffs

Not only does reinventing your wardrobe serve you, it serves the earth;)  Taking what's old and making it something new avoids adding to the piles and piles of trash we create as a society and avoids putting your money toward something that is (most likely) industrially made and new.

I am so close to this concept that I actually had a business based around it: eve*lynn clothing.  I bought up vintage raggy clothing and reinvented it into new stuff...from there grew a collection.

I closed up the business a while back, but the idea sticks with me.  I find it difficult to get rid of any old clothing because I always worry that one day I'll pull it out of the back of my closet and want to chop it up and sew it into something new.

Now onto the real issue: I have an obnoxious amount of clothing!  And this is not because I'm a shopping addict.  It is merely because over the last 4 years I've changed sizes so many times gaining and losing weight from baby making.

A ton of it I wound up giving away, but a lot of it I've not been ready to part with.  For my birthday this year, I was just postpartum and feeling really ugh about my body.  As my birthday gift my mom took me to Topshop to buy some new duds.

Amongst all that I bought a couple jeans to hold me over until I was back down to size.  Now those jeans look really silly since they're a couple sizes too large.  They hug in some of the right places, but are saggy in others.

I decided to experiment and in the interest of staying cool this summer and not going out to buy new shorts (it's been a while since I've been comfortable wearing short shorts), I DIY'ed myself some cut-offs.

Here's how I did it:

  1. Lie the jeans flat and make sure there are no wrinkles in the fabric.
  2. Make sure you have supersharp scissors.
  3. Cut a straight line a bit longer than you think you'd like them (you can always roll or cut more, but you can't go the other way.
  4. Fold the jeans in half so that the legs are lined up.
  5. Measure the length and start cutting the other leg.
  6. Try on the shorts and check if you want them shorter.  If so, repeat.
  7. Then strut your stuff in your new shorty shorts!

Summer Style

Love Life and Lollipops- Summer Style

For the first time in ages I'm feeling good about my body, motivated to look good, interested in my get the picture.  It feels good to feel like a part of society again (haha).  On this Motivational Monday post, I thought I'd share some of the summer style pieces I'm coveting:

I'm also always looking for more eco-conscious brands.  Any suggestions for me?!?

DIY Bleach Dye Yoga Pants

Love Life and Lollipops- Bleach Dyed Yoga Pants

Seeing as I've been doing so much working out these days, I find myself walking around in exercise gear all day (not cute).  Generally speaking I'm pretty simple about my work out clothes: solids and solids and once in a while a neon sports bra to jazz it up.  I'm talking leggings and racerbacks and that's about it.

For yoga I'm a huge fan of American Apparel's high waisted skinny legging.  You can fold over, or leave it up (dorky like me), and they're comfy and soft and not too pricey.

The other day, I was bored in the house, and getting bored of my outfit, so decided to do something about it.  Generally I don't keep regular bleach in the house (I only use the Seventh Generation color safe one), so I had to run out to the market to pick some up.  I poured it into a high sided glass tupperware type thing and filled it to about 2" deep.  Then I took my leggings and tied them up pretty tight with a number of rubber bands.  Then I dipped.  I only tied and dipped from about the knee down and made sure it was pretty soaked.  I let it sit for only a few minutes before untying the bands and rinsing through some cool water.  Then I washed them and voila!

I got a little psyched and went a little crazy, dip dying some tanks.  They came out pretty cute too.  I may move on to old jeans soon.  If so I'll keep you posted;)

East Hampton Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Love Life and Lollipops- East Hampton Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Ok, so I called this spritz instead of spray cause I think that hair spray has a connotation to it.  This is definitely not a hair spray.  It's just a little sunthin to add a bit of beach to your hair.  The sea salt'll make your hair perfectly piecey and the coconut oil will keep those locks moisturized and smooth.  Plus the combination of both will make you smell like the beach all day!

After getting my hair dyed (for the first time since high school), Kim (my stylist who is also an amazing singer, she rocks!) spritzed me with a "sea salt spray".  It made my hair look awesome, but after looking at the ingredients, laced with parabens and other ingredients I could barely pronounce, I couldn't bring myself to purchase it.  But I got the idea stuck in my head...and as with many ideas I get caught in my head, it stuck.

That weekend we headed out to the beach with some friends and I realized the beach would be the perfect place to get some beach hair and bring it home!  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous so we took our combined four babies down to the beach for a walk and splash in the supercold ocean (just feet of course).  I snagged myself a (sippy) cup full of ocean water and was intent on making an "all natural" beach hair spray.

Seeing as coconut oil is just as good for our outsides as our insides, plus is smells about as beachy/islandy as you can get, I figured it'd be the perfect balance.  I bought myself a mini spray bottle at CVS, melted the coco oil, combined it with the sea water, and voila!  The only snag is I have to melt the coco oil each time.  I'll run it under a bit of warm water from washing my face or let it float in my bath tub before using.

And here's what it looks like in the locks: