Pregnancy Week 14

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  • The belly is growing like crazy it feels like.  When I'm lying down to sleep on my side I'm totally weighted down by it.  Crazy!
  • I'm not as hungry as I was, but I am still getting a little weak and dizzy feeling once in a while.
  • Haven't been sleeping too great either.  So glad to be home sleeping in my bed though!
  • Avi is too cute as she keeps telling me that she loves her baby and she's ready for her to come out.  She keeps insisting it's a girl, but tells us it'd be okay if it were a boy too.
  • I haven't exactly regained much energy, but I'm totally motivated to do more these days which feels great.  Trying to set up more play dates and get Avi into more new classes (she's loving gymnastics!).
  • In other news: the baby is the size of a lemon now.
  • And is able to grimace, smile, squint, frown, and pee, oh and maybe even suck it's thumb!

Oh and ps Happy Earth Day!!!