FEED 2 Kenya Bag

Love Life and Lollipops- Feed 2 Kenya Bag
This FEED Project bag feeds two Kenyan kids school meals for one full year.

Sorry again for the quiet day yesterday.  Just got home and still recovering from all the moving around, cooking, family time, and general craziness.

I did though get a superspecial present from my amazing Aunt Bonnie this week though.  She ordered my birthday present in October for my birthday in November, but unfortunately due to some mix-ups and backorders it just came.  Nonetheless I'm superpsyched and it actually came in perfect time for summer.  It's a good size for diapers, snacks, wallet, a change of clothes, toys, the whole nine!

It's my FEED 2 Kenya bag.  It's beaded and lined with plaid and supercool.  Most importantly with the proceeds it pays for 2 Kenyan children school meals for one full year.  It not only wards of potentially fatal hunger, but it allows them to stay focused and attentive in school offering them a real education.

And on top of all that, it is hand crafted by a co-op of Kenyan women and deaf artisans, so you're supporting the local culture as well.  If you're so inclined to have one for yourself you can find them here.  The site also sells tons of other cool things which all donate proceeds to worthy charities!  I'm thinking about buying us all some supercute FEED Japan t's and maybe a dop kit and another simple tote for the beach this summer.  I already own 2 of the ones that zip into a small square that I purchased at Whole Foods.  They're great for food shopping!  Here it is, the FEED 100 bag.

Keep me posted if any of you purchase and how you like your FEED goodies:)