Pregnancy Week 11

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  • The hunger is back.  That intense "I can't eat enough" hunger that I thought I was rid of (and was so glad to be) is back!  I hate it!
  • My nausea is mostly gone though!  It only returns when I'm in the car too long or something smells really bad.  Otherwise I'm good.
  • I still wanna sleep all day...
  • The baby is officially a fetus!  The most critical part of her;) organ system development is over.
  • Apparently she's the size of a lime.  And kicking and stretching, though I still can't feel it.
  • Oh and fingernails are growing!  So sci-fi!
  • Avi hugs my belly (which is rapidly growing!) and asks to take the baby out.  According to her it's a girl.  A pink girl.  Named Big.  Don't ask.
  • I'm really nervous for my nuchal translucency next week.  It's the scan that will determine whether the baby's heart is still beating and if there is any significant chance of down syndrome.  If that goes well, I'll be in the clear for miscarriage for the most part...