Challenge: Meatless Monday

I've received emails from many of you telling me of your newfound veganism and all the benefits you're reaping from it!  And I can't tell you how happy it makes me to feel a part of that.

Sooooooo, for this Motivational Monday post, I thought I'd challenge you all.  The less meat we eat is better for our bodies and for our environment.  There is a non-profit initiative going on called Meatless Mondays.  Basically, the idea is to not eat mean on Mondays!  Many restaurants incorporate it into their menus and it's catching on with tons of people (even celebrities and the like;)).

I wanted to take this chance to challenge you all.  For those of you who are still omnivore, try cutting out meat entirely one day per week (I guess it doesn't have to be Monday, but make a conscientious effort to really cut out all meat one day per week).  Meat should be defined as beef, poultry, get the point.  For those of you who are vegetarian, try cutting out all animal products (including dairy and eggs).  And for you fellow vegans out there, do your best to have a really clean day.  That means no fake meats or cheeses, fried foods, whites (sugar, flour, again, you get it!).

I think it's important to keep challenging ourselves to be better, try harder, do more.  Otherwise we fall into a rut.  Even if it's a good rut, we can all do a little better.  Life is a journey and we should always be moving forward!