Tea Tea Tea oh and more Tea!

image via http://www.worldhealth.net/images/homefeature/050311_GreenTea.jpg I’m a tea freak.  Honestly, I drink tea all day every day.  I love it!  I shy away from black because of it’s caffeine content, but anything else (for the most part) does the trick for me.  I like green tea (usually a fruity one) in the morning, always iced in the warm months, lemon, no sweetener ever, spicy in the winter.

I use tea as a soothing agent, healing tonic, a way of slowing down.  Lately I’ve been mixing a peppermint tea with my nightly hot green tea.  The combination is an amazing digestive aid.  It helps sooth my nerves at the end of a long day and settle my stomach after dinner.  I’m addicted!  When I don’t have a green tea at night I feel unsettled.  It’s amazing how powerful a hot cup of tea can be!