Back in DC

Love Life and Lollipops- Me and Nickita

So, after everything that's gone on recently, I decided I needed a little break.  I decided to come to DC to see some old friends, eat some good food, and drink a little too much wine (organic wherever I can find it of course). I'm so so excited for my weekend.  I have so many friends I've reconnected with that I haven't seen in too long.

Here's what I looked like when I lived here in college:

Can you believe how young I look?  And I'm hanging with Nicky (a.k.a. Nickita, shown above, and yes she speaks fluent spanish and with an attitude!).

Also, my freshman year roommate (and one of the sweetest people in the world) Jamie had her baby yesterday, so our planned brunch has turned into a visit with three!

My friend Casey is taking me to a vegan bakery that's website makes my mouth water and Madeleine (master of style and the best friend ever) is crashing with me at my hotel and taking care of all other plans for the weekend.  Woohoo!

Here are me and Mad at our last weekend adventures in the midst of just a tiny bit of debauchery:

This is going to be the best weekend ever (though I'm missing my booger, a.k.a. Avital, and Richie already...).

Hope you all have fabulous weekends and please please let me know of your favorite DC spots as this city has changed significantly since the last time I was here!