A Weekend in DC, Vegan Style

Love Life and Lollipops- Me and Bang

Though there was a bit of drama, rain, and displacement, I had a great weekend in DC.  I spent an day with my friend Benoit that started with a vegan breakfast at Java Green Cafe that was delicious.  We split some faux chicken sandwich with avocado and some sweet sauce that was so good.  After a sufficient amount of digesting we headed over to Flow Yoga Center for an hour practice before hopping in the car to check out the Chuck Close exhibit at the Corcoran, which was supercool.  It showed not only his prints, but his process.  Benoit and I agree that Chuck Close is a real genius!  After that, I joined him in walking some neighborhood dogs then we grabbed salads at chop t which is getting more and more organic and local by the day!  I love love a salad with beets and chick peas and green peas and and and!  All around it was a pretty perfect day! Here's a picture of me and benoit (though it's from out last rendevous...I was so wrapped up in enjoying myself, I forgot to take pics for the blog.  oops!):

The next day Mad ran me around a bit.  We had another vegan breakfast at Java Green's sister restaurant, Cafe Green in Dupont.  The food was even better (it's more of a restaurant where Java is more of a sandwich shop).  Here's a bit of what we ate (and Mad superexcited to dig in):

Cafe Green was amazingly delicious and totally vegan!

It was all superyum and we ate just too much that it was uncomfortable (I was on vacation!).  We took a walk from there to Lulu Lemon cause Mad insisted I purchase a Yogitoes towel/mat.  She says it'll change my life and I think it might!  It's a towel with nubs on the bottom to make it skidless.  It creates a hygienic layer between you and your mat, but more importantly for me, it acts as a mat over carpet, so is perfect for travel since it folds up so small!

That afternoon we headed out to Virginia to visit some friends.  Before we went to our first visit we hit up DC's amazing vegan bakery Sticky Fingers (what a fabulous name, right?!?).  I'll post more about Sticky Fingers and their amazing treats later this week, but here I am gorging on one of their vegan hot dogs loaded with mustard, yum:

Vegan dogs at Sticky Fingers are amazing!

First we headed over to my friend Jamie's house (Jamie was my roommate freshman year at GWU).  She gave birth to her first baby Anna Riley on thursday and she is absolutely perfect!  I spent a few hours with them and it was undoubtedly the highlight of my trip.  Here she is:

After visting Anna and Mad's friend Shara, we headed back to DC for some noodles at DC Noodles and an early movie night in bed.  We ordered some spring rolls and a noodle salad with crispy tofu which hit the spot and headed back to our hotel.  About a block away we realized that not only was the whole area swarmed with cops and out of power, but the whole block was closed off and we couldn't get into our hotel.  Long story short, we headed over to CVS to get some essentials and over to the St. Regis where they put us up for the night.  By the time we got settled it was midnight and we were both pooped.

Sunday morning after getting back to our hotel and packing and checking out, Mad took me to Le Pain Quotidien for my favorite avocado tartine and then to Union Station to catch my train.

All in all I great weekend visiting friends and getting some time off!