And The Start of Another...

Love Life and Lollipops- Avi and the Baby Bunny

We spent our holiday in Florida with Richie's family.  As many of you know it is a large bunch (4 brothers, their counterparts, kids, grandparents, cousins, and more...).  We're still coming down from our whirlwind trip, but are superpsyched to have come home to this amazing new apartment, awesome new neighborhood, and an exciting new year's worth of activities and adventures. We spent our time in Florida: staying out of the cold (unfortunately), cooking a ton, eating even more, swimming (in the hot tub;)), boating, taking long walks, getting to know Jupiter, and laughing with family.  All-in-all, it was fun, overwhelming (as it always is with upward of 15 in a house), rejuvenating and a fabulous way to bring in the new year!

Since I haven't gotten it together to write you all anything specifically vegan for today, here are some highlights from our trip:

Avi loved that baby bunny!

nap time