6 Weeks Postpartum and 30 Years Old...ahhhh

Llove Life and Lollipops- 6 Weeks Postpartum

Today I'm officially done with my twenties.  I'd say I have emotions running wild around that, but the truth is they're more like fleeting thoughts.  I'm was too deep into infantdom to be preoccupied with anything other than diapers and daily life.  That said, I'm sure my thirties will be great.  And I have no idea where my twenties went.  Three businesses, two kids, a wedding, and a handful of anniversaries went by in a heartbeat.  It was a good one though;)  I hope my thirties show such promise.  I'm hoping my thirties allow me to accomplish more with the knowledge and experiences I've accrued.  Here's to a new decade of sweetness and health, laughter and love, and vegan cupcakes to celebrate.

On the postpartum front, it seems like Baby Bar is settling in nicely.  She is sleeping well, nursing like crazy, and sweet as pie.  She's cuddly and quiet (most of the time) and loves to snuggle into her mama (so I do a lot of baby carrying and wearing which ups my daily exercise).

Besides the temptations of my mom's amazing food for the holiday (see below, totally vegan!!: Field Roast Celebration Roast, my mushroom gravy, mom's stuffing, sweet potato and granny smith mashed potatoes, roast brussel sprouts) and the push  to eat too much, I did ok being away all week (Richie was feeling under the weather so I fled Brooklyn with the girls and spent the week between my parent's and in-law's houses...Richie met us on Wednesday).  I's always a challenge to eat well while away from home.  But other than eating a little too much, we did pretty well!

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

I've been sticking to the same "diet", but've added more walking and some light ab work and weights.  Today I weigh 133.2lbs...about 13 more lbs to go!