Music Monday: Umbrella by Rihanna (in honor of lil 'ol Avital)

By this point, you all know, cause I've said it a million times, that Avi is home from camp and school and we've been spending a bunch of Mommy and Avi time.  Many of our adventures have included long rides in the car.  And we've had a number of early morning dance parties as well.  My point: Avi is loving music (was never really her thing).  She's singing and dancing and it's so much fun.  Turns out she's a huge Rihanna fan!  We listen to her on repeat, repeat, repeat. Here's the other part of the story: Avital has a minor obsession with umbrellas.  Somehow they are always open in my house, she NEEDS on every time we're at the check out counter at H&M, and she begs to bring one out even when it's not raining, "just in case" she tells me.

The fact that Rihanna sings a song called Umbrella is like the convergence of all things good in her world!  And there's maybe nothing cuter than catching her in an "ella ella ay ay ay ay".

So, in the spirit of early morning dance parties, car seat dancing, and young fun, I present you with:

Music Monday: Diplo "Express Yourself" (ft. Nicky Da B)

Ok ok, so a week or so ago, Kym (an instructor at Soul Cycle) was doing a birthday ride for a long time rider of hers.  It was fun and funny and sweet actually.  At some point in the class she screamed out for everyone to: get low and make it sexy!  She played this song and started doing her own booty poppin version up front of the class and asked who else wanted to join.  Clearly we all just kept on riding and laughing and whatnot.  She also asked who had seen this video and for those of us who hadn't, it was mandatory.  Being as uncool as I am (mommy-mode and all), I of course had never seen this.  Later my friend who was in class with me popped this booty poppin video into my email.  I haven't stopped laughing since.  It's amazing every time! So here's to making this Monday morning a tad more fun and sexy and expressive;)

Music Monday: Grimes

Last week my friend Kimberly Wyma came over to hang and do my hair and Richie's (she's a supertalented stylist on top of being an amazing musician).  We had hours to chat and catch up while my hair color processed and in the process I picked her brain a bit about some new music discoveries for me.  One of the bands she told me to check out (unfortunately I missed the free concert last week on the Hudson River piers) was the Grimes. I love love this song Oblivion (along with a bunch of their others) and wanted to share the video (since it's as supercool as the song):