Music Monday: A Little South Park from the past

I love any holiday that brings cheer and spirituality.  Although I'm Jewish and have never participated in Christmas, living in NY you can't get around it and I wouldn't want to.  There is a glow around the whole holiday and you can't help but feed off the energy. I thought this video would give y'all a chuckle:

(Please please ignore the comments if you go tot he youtube page.  They are offensive and ignorant and not worth acknowledging.)

Music Monday

We're finally out of our apartment (tres sad!) and into my parents house while we ready our new digs.  Feels like our lives are entirely put on hold and up in the air.  That said, it's a good time to spend the holidays with family.  My sister was here this past weekend and was beyond helpful with the kids and such a comfort to spend some time with.  We celebrated Channukah, nursed some major colds (Richie and my dad both contracted whatever has been floating around my kids), did some spin, latkah frying, a long walk around the hood, and lots of handing around the house. Maddie knew I was having a tough time with all this change and fast movement, so she sent me this fabulous piece of the internet to cheer me up.  I have to say it did.  Serious laughs lightened my mood.  Hope they put a smile on your faces this Monday morning!:

Catch up and Music Monday

Hi guys.  Sorry it's been so quiet around here.  This pending move has got my head spinning.  Packing boxes, picking bathroom fixtures, teacher conferences, nutrition clients, a sick baby, mortgage paperwork, moving insurance...I can't keep up. Been listening to The Lumineers a bunch.  It's calm and happy music and it's been lifting me up and putting a smile on my face.  Thought I'd share:)

Music Monday: Bob Marley Stop That Train

Stop that train cause I'm leavin'!  Well at least for a few days.  On Wednesday we're headed to Jamaica for the wedding of some of our favorite people, Justin Brunwasser and Erika Chernomorets.  We actually sent them to the Rock House in Negril since we loved it so much and they wound up getting engaged there!  And now we're going back to watch them get married.  We're so happy for them and can't wait to slow down, sleep, hear some true deep reggae, sun, and eat some of the best food on the planet (we love love looooove Ital and all things Rastafarai). So, here's a taste of the island and their cultural idol and music god:

Music Monday: Stevie Wonder wonderfulness

Today is my baby girl's very first birthday!  All the things I want to say don't fit on this page, so I thought I'd let Stevie say a few things about how I feel about the most delicious baby in the whole wide world:

Music Monday (belated): The Beatles, Getting Better

Sorry everyone for the hiatus! I've been in a serious craze trying to figure out where we're going to move. Finding a town, school,'s supercomplicated. Being an adult sucks;) My head has been spinning!That said, I've decided on a town (Montclair, NJ here we come!!!) and things are definitely getting better!

Music Monday: Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz

A friend posted this on Facebook recently and it's been making me laugh (and dance) since!  Beyond being an awesome piece of the burgeoning Seattle hip hop scene, it's a superfab message to shop thrift and then strut your (used) stuff;) Anyhow, happy Monday and enjoy!

Music Monday: Gabriel Royal

Last week, walking down to the L train, heading into the city for a spin class, I noticed something pretty incredible: total silence from the people waiting for the train...and a single sound, the incredibly sweet and soft notes of Gabriel Royal's cello.  And then his voice chimed in with it...  And it was...beautiful.  Real beauty in the rat infested, grime ridden Bedford Street subway station.  I was literally taken aback.  The calm in the air was palpable.  The slight smile on the faces of otherwise angry commuters was heartwarming.  The energy in the station was pretty amazing.

So, I thought I'd do my best to share it with you all.  Because it really is something special!