Vegan Doughnuts In A Flash

Love Life and Lollipops- Uhmazing Vegan Doughnuts

These vegan, homemade doughnuts were super easy to make, totally healthy, and amazingly delicious. Last night, Liza and myself both wound up sleeping over my parents' house and Liza figured it'd be a good time to make my dad an early Father's Day treat.

We all went out for a casual Mexican dinner and on the way home we stopped at the pizzeria down the street for some dough.

Liza whipped up the most delicious and easy doughnuts within minutes and none of us could get enough (including Avi...there were a handful of "more more"s).

Here's how we did it (yes, I was sous chef).  While I rolled out the dough on a floured board, Liza heated up a jar of coconut oil in a wok.  Once the dough was rolled I began cutting out large circles with a round cookie cutter and then cut smaller circles out of those circles to create the holes.  Liza began frying the doughnuts and doughnut holes while I finished cutting and as she fried each batch she laid them out to cool on some paper towel.  While Liza was frying, she melted some vegan chocolate chips in a sauce pan over medium heat for doughnut dunking.  After the doughnuts were semi-cooled we placed them in the chocolate and pressed them in a bit to coat one side.  Meanwhile I poured some turbinado sugar and cinnamon in a large plastic baggie (which I'd need to find a substitute for at home as I try to avoid having them around).  I put 3-4 of the holes in the baggie at a time and shook them around to get them coated.

And that was it!  Voila doughnuts!  And holes!

Liza fried the vegan doughnuts in coconut oil.

I hand cut the circles in the pizza dough for the vegan doughnuts.

In order to make traditional doughnuts (vegan of course) you have to cut the holes out of the centers.

We fried the vegan doughnuts in the hot coconut oil.

Liza and Dad really enjoyed the vegan doughnuts!

My mom and Avi loved the vegan doughnuts too!

Avi loved the vegan doughnuts she was licking her fingers.