Sometimes I Crave Broccoli

Love Life and Lollipops- Garlic Broccoli!

Broccoli is totally vegan and wildly heathy! There's something about broccoli that makes me feel full and healthy and comfortable at the same time.  So I cook it a lot!  And I cook a lot of it.  It's great next to a bowl of pasta and just as good cold, straight out of the fridge the next day.

My favorite way to make it is to just steam it in a steamer basket for 3-5 min until just bright green.  While it cooks I saute some fresh garlic with salt in some olive oil (the amount will depend on the amount of broccoli, but enough to coat well).  When the garlic is just starting to brown I add the broccoli to the plate and mix it together to coat and cook together for a couple minutes.  And that's it!  Perfectly crispy and cooked garlic broccoli.

And don't forget to always buy organic!

An added benefits to broccoli's deliciousness are:

  • It's extremely high in vitamin C
  • A great source of calcium (much much better than dairy)
  • It is protective against a handful of cancers due to it's detoxification capabilities
  • It supports stomach health due to it's infection fighting capabilities
  • It's known to help sun-damaged skin due to it's cell detoxification capabilities
  • It's been connected to lowering the risk of heart disease

Stronger bones, birth defect fighter, cataract preventer...I could go on. your broccoli!  It's delicious!