You tell me

Love Life and Lollipops


After my post last week I received a few emails and comments from you all encouraging me to post more and offering some suggestions. I realized that in my effort to keep this blog vegan vegan vegan, I was leaving out a huge portion of the things I feel passionately about (including my children, style, natural parenting, the list goes on).

The thing is, veganism, for me, is a lifestyle. I prescribe to most of what is commonly understood to be vegan, but not all (for example, I often find myself wearing leather shoes). I find that what veganism represents in my life is a level of respect I have come to appreciate. Respect for my body. Respect for the earth we're all living on. Respect for the animals we've come (as a society) to treat so poorly. But mostly, it represents compassion. It is a constant reminder to revert back to a simpler way, a more natural life, a nourishing space.

Veganism is what I make reference to when I'm talking about my new life (new-ish...I guess). It incorporates the food I eat, the yoga I practice, the baby in my bed, the parabens I get the point.

So what I'm getting to is that I'd like to hear more from you all. What would you like me to post more on? Parenting? Recipes? Travel? Nutrition? Book Reviews? DIY? You tell me! Feel free to comment here or email me offline or Facebook message me or tweet me!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys!