Williamsburg Eats: Mesa Coyoacan

Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg has some fabulous vegan options. We had the best weekend staying around Brooklyn.  This summer has been so hot in New York that we've been running out of the city every weekend to avoid the heat and find some swimming opportunities.  We decided to hang around this weekend and enjoy some time at home, visit friends, and take advantage of supercool Brooklyn.

On Saturday night we left Avi home with our sitter and headed out for a night on the town with some friends.  We decided to explore Williamsburg as we've been hearing more and more about all the great spots over there and haven't really ventured over there much yet.

We wound up eating at a superyum Mexican restaurant called Mesa Coyoacan.  While it was far from vegan, we feasted on a meal of fresh guacamole with homemade tortilla chips, mushroom tacos with cactus salad, platanos (our fave), and grilled corn w chile.  Everything was scrumptious and I fully intend to go back soon!

Here was a bit of our meal:

Mushroom tacos are maybe our favorite choice at mexican restaurants and they're totally vegan!

And to top it off they had the yummiest sangria (you know I'm a sucker for sangria).  It was a malbec based sangria with champagne and fresh strawberries.  It was the perfect combination of flavors, sweetness, and bitter.  Here's a pic (though not a good one, sorry):

This strawberry sangria was delicious from Mesa Coyoacan!