Veggies, Veggies, and More Veggies

Love Life and Lollipops- Veggies on the Stove

I love this combination of vegetable side dishes to make up a vegan dinner. Most of the time I base my meals (especially dinners) around a grain.  Often at times it's brown rice, but I also cook a lot of whole wheat pasta, cous cous, barley, whole grain garlic bread or whole wheat tortillas.  Sometimes I include a protein (beans, hummus, nuts, seeds), but I usually get more than enough at breakfast and lunch that I try to avoid it at dinner.

Sometimes though, like after an overindulgent weekend with my family, and trying to fight off the end of a cold, I feel like I need superhealing veggies.  So last night I cooked a dinner's worth of them.  I made braised cabbage with truffle oil, The Kind Diet's Diakon cooked in mirin, kombu, and shoyu, and The Kind Diet's Squash-n-Onions made with kobucha squash.  The whole meal was filling and delicious and just what our achy bodies needed!

This vegan truffled cabbage is one of Richie's favorite dishes.

This vegan kobucha squash dish is delicious and supersimple to make.

This braised daikon dish is totally healthy and surprisingly delicious.

This meal is easy and healthy beyond most others!