Vegan Rosh Hashana

Love Life and Lollipops- Rosh Hashana Dinner Plate

It's easy to do vegan Rosh Hashana or any holiday for that matter! With two nights of Rosh Hashana and two family dinners to go along with it, a bit of planning went into feeding vegan me (and Richie and Avi and Liza).

I offered to make a Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup in true Jewish grandma style (I called my Bubby for her recipe then veganized it).  I spent Wednesday morning making more soup than I ever have (Richie's got a big family and we needed leftovers of course).  Brad over at Champs Vegan Bakery in Williamsburg (a real sweetheart and a fantabulous baker) made me some vegan challahs, pies, and cookies which were so amazingly impressive that everyone liked it more than the conventional challah!  (I'll post more on Brad and Champs soon).

On the first night my mother-in-law made me some awesome dishes that I wasn't even expecting: pineapple fried brown rice, escarole with raisins, snap peas with sesame.  There was so much vegan food we were stuffed by the end of the night!

The second night we were in Connecticut with my parents (that's how it goes: one night here one night there always bouncing around).  My mom made us a vegan stuffing, ratatouille, and Field Roast meatloaf.  Then my sister made us some homemade milano cookies!!!

My point you ask? It's EASY being vegan.  Even on those holidays when the tables are filled with platters of meats.  We're lucky to have such amazing parents that are understanding and supportive of our choices, but even if you don't, remember, there are always side dishes that can make up a fabulous and filling meal!

Vegan Rosh Hashana dinner of rice, sweet potatoes, snap peas, and greens!

Vegan challah is sweet and soft and delicious and arguably better than regular-old-challah!