Uncle Jason

Me and Uncle Jason at Avi's first birthday

My Uncle Jason is amazing.  He is the most amazing uncle to me and to my daughters.  I couldn't love him more.

This past weekend he turned 50!  Happy Birthday Uncle Jason;)

This was a very big year for him, and me, and everyone else who loves him.  This year was his five year anniversary from surviving throat cancer.

Uncle Jason never smoked a cigarette (as a matter of fact, he's the one who made my Aunt Bonnie quit).  He eats well, is active, sleeps like the dead.  He's widely known to be a light weight (two martinis and he's out for the count).  My point: he's got no reason he should have gotten throat cancer.

Nonetheless he did.  And he took me for a ride through the journey back to health.

At the time that he was diagnosed, I was just about to get married and closing down my business (eve*lynn clothing) at the time.  I was fortunate enough to have the freedom to spend my days by his and Aunt Bonnie's side through that horrible time.

Since the time I was a very little girl, Uncle Jason and I were very close.  I spent so much time with him and Bonnie as a kid and even now see them often as do my kids (Avi's sleeping there on Thursday!).

In short, Uncle Jason holds a superspecial place in my heart and I'm so lucky to have him around to share this amazing life with him.

All that said, I learned some important things in those hospital walls from so many different doctors and nurses and I thought I'd share a few of the pertinent ones with you:

  1. Only use deodorant that is free of aluminum.  Our armpits are so absorbent and putting heavy metals and chemicals there is basically pushing them straight into our bloodstream.
  2. Never use mouthwash with alcohol in it.  Long term alcohol use in dental products can lead to oral sores and/or oral cancers.
  3. Avoid using cosmetics, body care products, and the such with parabens, phthalates, or sulfates.  These chemicals that are used as preservatives and the such seem through our skin into our bodies and cause things like hormone disruption and toxicity.
  4. Also, the obvious: eat organic, avoid synthetics, exercise, sleep....you know the rest.

Uncle Jason's cancer was a major reality check for me.  Living in this environment, eating a standard American diet, microwaving our food and the such, are not harmless choices.  All of us are liable.  We must be responsible to doing our best to work against what's working against us!