Umeboshi Radish Pickles

Love Life and Lollipops- Umeboshi Radish Pickles

Umeboshi Radish Pickles are great as a compliment to any vegan or macrobiotic meal. So, as I've been reading more and more about the Macrobiotic way of life, I'm finding that while I'm not diving in head first, I am certainly picking up things here and there to incorporate.

One of those little additions is pickles.  Now I've totally loved pickles for years now, but I'm learning more and more about different types of pickles and how they are so superly good for you!  They're crunchy, salty, and great for digestion amongst other things.  They promote salivation and have good quality enzymes that help break down food and provide our bodies with a little extra oomph of energy.  Plus they're supereasy to make at home, totally cheap, and so yum.  I love going to the farmers market and experimenting with pickling different veggies.

Oh, but here's the thing: store bought pickles are often at times soaked in preservatives and not naturally fermented, so don't have the enzymes that natural pickles do.  You can though usually get some awesome pickles that are totally Macro and healthy at the farmers market or your natural food store.  And if good-'ol-pickles the old fashioned way aren't your bag, maybe try incorporating some sauerkraut into your diet!

Here's a recipe for a traditional Macro pickle that I've been making recently since the radishes in the market have been amazing:

I use a cheese cloth to ferment my pickles for my vegan, macrobiotic diet.

1. Rinse and then slice 6 radishes thinly.

2. Place them in a glass jar and over with 1/2 cup of Umeboshi vinegar and 1 cup of water (you can use a 1:2 part ratio for brine if you need to make any more).

3. Cover with cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band.

4. Let the pickles sit on the counter (or anywhere out of the fridge) for 24 hours.

5. They're ready to eat!  Snack on some and pop the rest in the fridge.

You can do this with any hard veggies or any vinegar for that matter!  Maybe do some experimenting this weekend?!?

Happy Friday everyone!