Two Days of Moving Squeezed Into One

Love Life and Lollipops- Moving Day Madness

Moving is crazy and your life is turned upside down...need a little zen!For this move I decided to pay the moving company to pack our stuff (not only move it). It was a great decision! I figured: What they can do in a day would take me a month. I'd avoid the stress, back pain, and frustration of the all-encompassing packing nightmare. These guys were amazing! They swooped in here half an hour earlier than I was expecting them, boxed and blanket nearly everything I owned with grace and precision, and best of all, did it all before mid day! Around 10:30a they told me that they thought they could not only finish the packing, but move us into our new place before 7p tonight if we wanted!!! We made some quick calls to our new apartment building manager and got the okay to go. So now, here we are, a day early, in our new apartment, memories of our old already beginning to fade and an adventure of a new home under our feet! It's always a funny feeling to see your home boxed up, the rooms where you became so comfortable empty, and a new, unfamiliar space housing your "home". For months I've been dreaming of this move and now that it's behind me there is a bit of sadness or better put: respect, for what we left behind and a gratitude for that special time in our life where we pulled ourselves out of a tough time in life and reinvented ourselves and our family in Brooklyn. Here's to another new time, new life, exciting adventures, exploration, and growth!

Organic wine is the best to toast with!

(Please please excuse this sloppy post! I'm working from my iPad due to lack of internet as of yet and sometimes she loves me and sometimes not so much!)