The Taco Truck

Love Life and Lollipops- The Truck

Last weekend we trucked out to Hoboken (pun intended;) to visit the superdelicious and uberfabulous Taco Truck.  Just a few months old and already engaging crowds, The Taco Truck is a new venture from my old friend Shachar and her husband Jay. While The Taco Truck isn't vegan, it is about as environmentally responsible as you can get!

Here's what Shachar tells me about the truck:

  • We are LEED-certified
  • Our chicken and pork are both locally raised on vegetarian diets.
  • Our packaging, utensils, cups, napkins and bags are all biodegradable and compostable.
  • All of our food waste and packaging is composted.
  • Our truck runs on a propane generator, which equals less carbon emissions.

Pretty impressive, I know, but not nearly as impressive as the food!

Here are some pics of Shachar, Jay, and their amazing truck:

The Taco Truck parked Shachar Scott at The Taco Truck Jay Scott at the truck (in front of a long line of hungry patrons). The Taco Truck is so eco-friendly that they compost AND recycle.

Here are some pics from our lunch (I'm craving it as I write this):

Vegan Tacos de Hongos (mushrooms that is) Platanos a.k.a. plantains (totally vegan!) These rice and beans are vegetarian and seasoned perfectly!

Shoveling rice and beans into my face:

Me shoveling rice and beans, yum!

You all should totally go visit them this Memorial Day Weekend (or any other day for that matter).  Hoboken is such a cute town.  Grab a taco (or four) and take a stroll.  We had the best time!

Oh and you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter to find out where they're parked!