The Perfect Summer Dinner

Love Life and Lollipops- The Perfect Summery Dinner

This vegan and delicious dinner was entirely concocted from things I had around the house. After too many meals eaten out this past weekend, we were craving something light and home-made.

It's easy when pregnant to fall into a rut of ordering in and eating out.  I find myself happy, yet pooped after cooking a dinner these days.  It's just a lot of time on my feet at the end of a day.  That said, I never regret doing it (too much).

This past Sunday was passed in the sun, pooling, hanging, walking through Montauk.  It was pretty perfect.  When we got  home I decided the day would end perfectly with a perfectly healthy dinner.

I pulled from what we had in the fridge and cabinet (including some brown rice I'd been soaking) and we were all contented by the summery and fresh grub.

Dinner consisted of my home made hummus (this time instead of roasting the garlic I cooked it in the olive oil on low heat until it browned before adding it to the food processor), pickled cauliflower from the Sag Harbor Farmer's Market, warm brown rice, fresh cherry tomatoes, avocado, topped with a fresh lemon vinaigrette (equal parts fresh squeezed lemon juice and good quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil plus a couple pinches of sea salt) and a salad with veggies and radishes (my fave).  T'was delish!