The Napping House

Love Life and Lollipops- Napping With Avi

Napping is restorative and healing.  There's nothing better than a good nap. Ok, this isn't about the book (though we love it and read it often), this is about our house.  Or whatever house we're in at the time be it my parent's, Richie's parent's, my aunt's, the list goes on...

Napping these days is a big part of getting through the day for both Avi and myself.  But to be honest, neither of us are great nappers.  We both need the perfect environment to doze off or our minds run too fast to allow us to sleep before it's dark outside.  But the outcome is the same for both of us: post nap the second half of the day is much more pleasant than if we're working sans nap.

Yesterday we came down to Florida to visit Richie's parents and grandparents and get some much needed sun (Risa cleared me to fly after I was done with my first trimester, yay!).

We woke up a bit earlier than usual, rushed to get dressed, organized, and fed before my mom drove us to the airport (thank goodness she was there to help get us out the door...I'm in serious slow motion these days).  Avi was amazing on the flight.  We got our bags, hopped a car to the house, ate, swam, and by then we were all pooped!

I decided to do my best to get her to nap though on days we're away from home and of schedule it's a real toss up whether I can make it happen.  Richie set us up outside with some pillows in the shade and before you knew it we were both out like a light (as my dad would say).  We both desperately needed the rest and felt great after!

Sleep is healing and restorative.  It is the time when out bodies do the repair work it needs to bring us back to health and balance.  Too often we forgo sleep for other duties and we always suffer for it.  I think we should all do our best to shut down more often and let our bodies do the work it needs to do to let us be more effective and efficient.  In order to be our best, maintain proper weight, function at our optimum levels, and stay focused and clear, sleep is integral!

Do you all nap?  How many hours do you sleep every night?