image vis This week was a long one with little Avital.  While 2 is maybe the cutest age so far, it's also exhausting!  We're really ready for the spring when everything feels a little easier, but in the meanwhile we're doing our best to get through the days and taking long naps in the afternoons;)

Later today we're going to head out to my parents' house in CT and let them do the heavy lifting with Avi this weekend.

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to:

  1. Dinner at Tarry Lodge tonight.  It's Mario Batali's new restaurant in Port Chester and I'm hoping he has some awesome vegan options like he does at his Meatpacking restaurant Del Posto.
  2. Couching and doing homework for IIN.
  3. Buying some new (no-down) pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond (haven't been sleeping right).

What do you all plan to do with your weekends?