Temple Grandin: The Movie

Though Temple Grandin is not a vegan, she does have an unbelievable connection to animals and has changed the cattle industry in a profound way.  In her understanding and unique sensitivity to the cows, she changed the systems in which cattle ranchers process them.  Instead of "manhandling" them (interesting term, huh?) she devised a way to keep them calm through the process.  Previously they would experience high levels of stress and fear.  Interestingly her autism lent her a different perspective on the world and a new way to see things.

Here's a teaser:

Watch the movie.  It's worth it!  Who needs to be outdoors in this heat?!?  Pop yourself some popcorn, plant yourself in the a/c, and order Temple Grandin on HBO OnDemand.

It should teach us to be more compassionate to not only animals, but to people who are different from us and to think outside of the box.  Grandin's story is truly inspirational.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!