Take on Teething Naturally

Love Life and Lollipops- Teething Baby Bar

Straight up: teething is a bitch!  It's painful for the baby, tortuous for the parents, and tough for anyone in that baby's life.  It causes pain, irritability, loss of sleep, among other horrible side effects.

Luckily, both my babies have been serious champs about it.  I've heard horror stories about other babies struggling with teething.  Both my girls just got irritated and cranky and overtired.  I did my best to combat it naturally as I'm not a fan of medicating (babies or anyone else).  I think too many moms jump to Tylenol to solve their problems, but there are tons of safer ways to deal with teething issues and irritations.  Here are a few of my go to's:

  1. A warm bottle of Organic Chamomile Tea (I like Traditional Medicinals or Yogi).  This generally helps to calm both their gums and minds.  It helps get them into a relaxed state and eases them into sleep when they've been too uncomfortable to do so.
  2. Hyland's makes a slew of homeopathic teething products that I like and use.  I rotate between the tablets and gel. If it's really bad, I double up.
  3. Cold teething rings didn't do the trick for me either time.  They lost interest fast and couldn't get it to the right part of their gums.  I used instead a damp washcloth out of the freezer.  It's easy for them to suck and cover the space where the gums are really bothering them.

Combating teething can be a real challenge.  For many babies, teething kicks in as soon as you've got them on a reasonable sleep schedule (or at least that's what happened with Bar).  It disrupts any schedule you have plans for;)  I find being a good mom is having the right tricks up your sleeve.

Do any of you have suggestions?  Family remedies?  Magic potions?!?  Would love to hear!