Take A Breather

Love Life and Lollipops- Vegging With Avi

For the past week or so I've been feeling overwhelmed.  Not with anything in particular, but between a variety of projects I'm working on (which I'll tell you about all in good time), a move pending, a new interest in my jewelry line, and life with a toddler, I'm feeling anxious and a bit cranky.  My mind is spinning a bit and on top of that I'm a bit foggy, not a good combo.

Sometimes I need to actively disengage in whatever's going on in my life and force myself to destress and remember that everything can get done at 100% if I just take one step at a time and do some prioritizing.  I tend to take on too much at once believing that I work best when busy and I can do everything, but I need to learn to slow down and prioritize.

This weekend is a little crazy between Avital's 2nd Birthday (!!!), my mom's birthday, and my father-in-laws' birthday (a LOT of birthdays and more to come in November).  Nonetheless, I'm going to do my best to lay low in between events and cuddle with Avi a bit.  I'm thinking some movie watching is in order!  Beethoven is on-demand (we started it the other day and she and I were both totally into it) and so is the Addams Family!  We're gonna lie in bed and veg (no pun intended, ha!).

What do you all plan on doing this weekend?!?