Urban Gardening

Love Life and Lollipops- Plantings on my terrace

I figure just because I live five floors off the ground and am limited to a small terrace's worth of outdoor space, doesn't mean I can't enjoy fresh summer fruits, veggies, and herbs right off the vine! Last year I was miserably pregnant and still getting settled into this apartment, so decided to forgo the planting, but I seriously missed it!  The year before you may remember the mint tea we made from our terrace plantings or the crazy sweet mini strawberries we harvested from our window box.  We had the smallest space in that apartment, but totally made it work with hanging tomato planters and window boxes.  It was fun and educational and delicious.

This year I was lucky enough to have a little more space and my amazing babysitter Maria around to teach me a thing or two.  Avi was psyched to get dirty and help plant and every day she diligently remembers to water the plants with her trusty piggy watering can!

We managed to plant:

  • 3 types of mint
  • a couple basil plants
  • sage
  • a few cilantros (we use a lot of cilantro around here)
  • tons of tomato plants (all different types)
  • a blueberry bush
  • 2 raspberry plants
  • eggplant
  • jalapeños
  • green bell peppers

And we're working on:

  • cucumbers (which will wrap around the beams and look supercool)
  • watermelons (just a seedling now, but...)
  • and we planted some of my garbanzo sprouts and broccoli sprouts (I think) which are surprisingly strong! (see below)

I'm superpsyched to see how everything grows! I'll keep you guys posted:)

Oh and here are my organic helpers (plus everything is of course planted in organic potting soil):