Balance Throughout

image via My sister-in-law, Rachel, threw her back out.  She thinks it was too much intense spin class (she's my Soul partner).

Back pain is the worst!  I am prone to getting it (thank mom!) and it's totally debilitating.

So it got me thinking, my back was pretty achy for a while since I have been spinning like crazy these days.  And because of the summer and being off schedule, I'd gotten out of the habit of regular yoga.  And you know I love me some yoga!

But there's only so much one can fit into a day, right?  NO!  Without even thinking too much into it, I fell back into the habit of morning sun salutations.  I'd wake up achy, get Avi off to school, the baby napping, and sneak in some 15-20 minutes of yoga (ok, sometimes it's only 10, but still...).

It immediately transforms me.  I feel lighter, brighter, more energetic.  Less pain, aches, tightness.

Moral of the story: I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, since it's what I preach to all of my nutrition clients: balance!

Nothing is entirely good or bad for you.  But too much of anything can wear you down.  And without the right counterbalance, you'll fall off track!

So...balance your spin with yoga,  your vegan pizza binge with a fresh salad, too much wine with umeboshi plums, lack of sleep with a hot aromatherapeutic bath...

Take care of yourself!  So push yourself, but allow yourself to relax too, fix what needs fixing and soften where those edges get too rough;)  We can all squeeze a little self-care into our day, even if we don't think we can find the time, it's surprising where we can find it when we need it.

A Thank You, Gratitude, & Positivity

You'll have to excuse my amateurness in that video, it was my first!  I did though, want to say thank you in "person" to all of you who have written me.  I love love hearing from you guys and always want to keep the line open between us.

Gratitude is a huge part of my daily thought cycle.  I try to remind myself as often as possible how lucky I am for this life I've been given.  Every day (tough or easy) is a blessing and I'm so grateful the opportunities life brings me. Each and every yoga class, my teacher Flo, takes a few seconds to talk about being grateful and dedicating our practice.  And while it's a big part of my own daily thoughts, the reminders are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

I believe pretty strongly in the power of positivity.  Only you can make your life and any life from any vantage point can be seen as good or bad, so it's up to you to put it in the right perspective, shed the light on it, love what you have.

Some days, weeks, months, this proves more challenging than others, but I find, every time, that when I put the right energy out there, the universe sends it back.

Since I've started writing regularly again and putting my energies towards this blog and the community that surrounds it, I've found that more and more doors have been opening for me.  There was a point, not too long ago, where writing regularly was out of my reach, but as soon as I made the space in my life, the time in my day, I've found that it's paid off tenfold.

Hearing from you all is what makes this all worth it.  Knowing that this information is being shared kindly and powerfully is so motivating.  So thank you all for the energy and strength that's been renewed in me.  I know in my heart of hearts that it can only bring beautiful things!



Love Life and Lollipops- Nursing while Yogaing

I know I haven't written a postpartum post in a while.  Promise I will soon.  This postpartum phase, which truly lasts a year, is challenging to say the least.  Each time you think you've got it figured out, something major changes and you've got new puzzles to solve.  That said, on the days where you feel like you may have just got it figured out, there is no better feeling than enjoying these early days, weeks, months of your new life with a new baby and a new you.

For me, around 3 months things started to get more and more challenging for me.  The deep fatigue set in, Avital began to act out more, Bar was still up all night and nursing all day, and Richie began to feel neglected as well.  I was being stretched way too thin in way too many directions and it was weighing on my health and sanity.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I was in a dark place, but things were certainly grey.  It was tough to see the light at the end and I was getting a little sad about everything, feeling fuzzy and unfocused.  Luckily, on one of these rare, but amazing warm winter days we've been blessed with this season, I had a moment of clarity and decided that I needed more yoga in my life.  I figured it would give me more me time, more flexibility, more openness, more good stuff all around.

I signed up for a handful of mommy and baby classes and made it a point not to miss a class.  I was waaaaaaaay out of shape and tight in all the wrong places so my practice was nothing short of ugly.  Nonetheless, I dragged my tush to yoga three days a week and did some dvd's on my off days.

At the playspace where I was practicing (Frolic), there was a prenatal class that they scheduled which no one was showing up for.  To my luck, they offered it to me as a mommy and baby and I happened upon Flo Cabre-Andrews!  It was an uh-mazing practice.  Exactly the right amount of push and pull so to speak and I knew I needed more.  I attended a couple weeks of that class before I approached her to do some privates.  She was happy to oblige and in no time at all I was up to three practices a week with her!

She teaches me an anusara style yoga which resonates deeply with my body.  On days when I'm feeling fatigued, it leaves me feeling energized.  On days when I'm feeling good, it leaves me appropriately fatigued;)

Most importantly, Flo and anusara have left me motivated, inspired, open, stronger than ever before, humbled, and most most importantly: sane.  The work we've been doing has helped me be a better mom, wife, friend, person!  It's helped me slow down and take the time to think and breathe.  It's given my physical strength to carry the baby and set her down with more steadiness and stability.  It's given me the mental strength to do the incredibly arduous work it takes to be a mom and wife.

I am infinitely grateful to both Flo and yoga for lending me the tools I need to be the best me I can be in this oh so testing time in my life.


Yoga Life

Love Life and Lollipops- Uktanasana by the Shore

Yoga is so important for healthy living. One of the best perks here at the Rock House Hotel is the 8a yoga offered by the pool (overlooking the ocean) every morning.  It’s so beautiful looking out onto the water and it definitely makes those utkatasanas much easier to stay in just a bit longer;).

I do my best to get a little bit of yoga into each of my days.  Most days that means I pull out my mat to do 10-15 minutes on my bedroom floor concentrating on whichever poses will relieve whichever achy muscles I have that day (i.e. sore lower back from sleeping with Avi all night or achy right arm and shoulder for choosing to carry her instead of lugging the stroller or for that matter achy upper back for lugging a stroller into and out of a cab when all she really wants to do is walk).

We do mommy and baby yoga on Mondays and I always love our Mondays for this.  Starting the day with a true practice is such a phenomenal, invigorating, energizing way to get through the day’s struggles.

This morning Richie and I got up super early to the sound of the waves crashing in the caves beneath us.  I peeled myself out of bed and washed up, made us some iced green tea, each had a bit of computer time to feel caught up, and off we were to yoga overlooking the Caribbean ocean.  The only thing missing from this extraordinary day is our little munchkin, but I expect she is having a fantabulous time of her own with my parents in Connecticut (a vacation of her own).