Vintage Picture Frames

My Newest Project Finished

Love Life and Lollipops- Vintage Mirror and Frames

These vintage frames and mirror are the perfect collaboration for my front door.

So I told you all that I recently moved (yet again) here, and we've done a really good job of settling in (and quickly) as Richie is a clean freak and can't stand to look at boxes and I'm constantly in a state of anxiety when I know there's anything major to take care of that I haven't yet.

That said, we're entirely unpacked and organized, but with the severe cost of moving and all that comes with it (any renovations, new furniture, new carpets, etc) we're doing our best to space out all of the little costs that follow.  We've finally ordered the lighting for the apartment (we've been living with those $20 floor lamps you can find at bed bath and beyond) and tidbits like a craft table for Avi with the cutest mini chairs you've ever seen, but I've been struggling with artwork.

My friend Michelle (seen here and here) promises me some photography from her and her hubby (the infamous Dan Forbes) for the bathrooms and kitchen, but I was struggling with the rest of the space.

I decided we needed some more family photos and a supercool mirror to check ourselves out before we slip out the front door.  At a recent trip to Brooklyn Flea, I figured a perfect way to incorporate both.

All of the picture frames and the mirror came from the same vendor at the flea market and are authentically vintage except for the two illustrations which came from a local artist showing there.  I love them!  The one to the right is entitled "the magic tree" and the other is a nyc skyline as seen from Brooklyn!

It took me a while to get this whole project organized and put together, but I think it works nicely.  What do you think?