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Love Life and Lollipops- Uktanasana by the Shore

Yoga is so important for healthy living. One of the best perks here at the Rock House Hotel is the 8a yoga offered by the pool (overlooking the ocean) every morning.  It’s so beautiful looking out onto the water and it definitely makes those utkatasanas much easier to stay in just a bit longer;).

I do my best to get a little bit of yoga into each of my days.  Most days that means I pull out my mat to do 10-15 minutes on my bedroom floor concentrating on whichever poses will relieve whichever achy muscles I have that day (i.e. sore lower back from sleeping with Avi all night or achy right arm and shoulder for choosing to carry her instead of lugging the stroller or for that matter achy upper back for lugging a stroller into and out of a cab when all she really wants to do is walk).

We do mommy and baby yoga on Mondays and I always love our Mondays for this.  Starting the day with a true practice is such a phenomenal, invigorating, energizing way to get through the day’s struggles.

This morning Richie and I got up super early to the sound of the waves crashing in the caves beneath us.  I peeled myself out of bed and washed up, made us some iced green tea, each had a bit of computer time to feel caught up, and off we were to yoga overlooking the Caribbean ocean.  The only thing missing from this extraordinary day is our little munchkin, but I expect she is having a fantabulous time of her own with my parents in Connecticut (a vacation of her own).

The Rock House Hotel = Paradise

Happy with a Red Stripe RHH Day 1

So yesterday (after launching Love Life and Lollipops that is) my husband, Richie, and I embarked on our first solo vacation since our honeymoon!  We arrived here in Negril, Jamaica late yesterday afternoon and are still ooing and aahing about how absolutely amazing this place is. We were lucky enough to be able to snag a (shockingly affordable) villa (read: luxury thatch hut with all the bells and whistles of hotel accommodations) here at The Rock House Hotel.  I seriously can’t say enough about how amazingly serene, friendly, and relaxing it is here.  The entire hotel was built up from the caves and cliffs of the Caribbean Ocean.  Here pictures speak louder than words, so feel free to daydream a bit through my pics and those on the hotel’s site (  And while you’re there, take a peek through the hotel’s history and environmental commitment initiatives.  It’s so amazing to be able to go away, get pampered and sun soaked, all while knowing that the establishment providing you with all this wonderfulness is devoted to preserving our beautiful earth as much as you are

Here are a few practices Rock House has incorporated:

  • The use of compact florescent bulbs
  • Solar hot water systems for all guest rooms
  • Water saving toilets, faucets, and shower heads
  • The use of A/C cut off switches in guest rooms to minimize cooling in empty rooms
  • The use of hand dryers in public bathrooms in place of paper towels
  • Guttering, piping, and capture tanks installed for rainwater use
  • Chipping, shredding, and composting all organic garden waste to make mulch
  • Recycling paper, cardboard, glass, and oil
  • Purchasing that favors biodegradable and local products
  • Low energy equipment selection and preventative maintenance
  • Minimizing use of plastic bags to collect and transport linen or waste
  • Recycling old plants and making cuttings to propagate seedlings
  • The use of hand tools rather than powered tools to work gardens
  • Communicating electronically rather than in writing where possible

Um, how cool?!?  Plus, they source as much of their food locally and organically and they’ve been super accommodating with our vegan diet.

We love love love it here and are super thankful and blessed to be in such a special place.  I’m off to sink into a lounge chair with my kindle and an iced tea…