MU Kitchen

Cloth Napkins by MU Are For Me

Mu Kitchen makes eco-friendly kitchen products. I while back I mentioned my goal to stop using paper towel in an effort to be less wasteful.  Since then we've adopted another earth-friendly habit in our home: cloth napkins.  I realized we created so much waste with paper napkins three times a day every day and wanted to find a solution.  When wandering the aisles of Whole Foods one day with my mom I noticed some supersoft bamboo napkins and decided to take some home and give them a whirl.

Turns out we love them!  They look great at the table, are way softer than paper napkins, last for more than one meal often, and are way way WAY better for our environment.

We bought 12 MU Kitchen napkins in two different shades of green and we'd never go back to paper.  As a matter of fact I get a little salty every time we get delivery and they throw in a stack of napkins!

Any cloth napkins are preferable to paper ones (reduce, reuse, you know the drill), but the ones we purchased are made of bamboo, are biodegradable, sustainable, produced without any pesticides, and dyed with eco-friendly dyes!