Eco-friendly Laundry

Bio Wash Ball

This laundry replacement Bio Wash Ball is eco-friendly and money saving. I recently purchased 2 Bio Wash Balls and am loving using them (I actually only use one...two should last me 6 years!).

What are they?  You ask.  I'll tell you: They function in place of laundry detergent and last for 1000 loads (or apx 3 years)!  One costs about $30 and is eco-friendly, easy to use, money saving, chemical free, and totally awesome.

Here's how Amazon describes them:

Cross "laundry detergent" off the shopping list for good with the help of this revolutionary green Biowashball. A hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, easy-to-use alternative to traditional soap-based cleansers, the sturdy plastic sphere houses a combination of ceramics that ionize washing water to a pH10 level (the same as a chemical detergent) to effectively repel dirt from fibers, including grease, organic, and chemical stains. Simply place the ball into any washing machine, choose any temperature, and let it do its work--clothes come out clean without chemical residue. The ball also eliminates odor-causing germs and bacteria as well as damaging chlorine in the water. Lasts for 1,000 loads of laundry or approximately three years.

How cool?!?

Hope you all have a fabulous and warm weekend!