Homemade Reusable, Recyclable Baggies by my fabulous friend Maren Briggs

Love Life and Lollipops- Reusable, Recycled Baggies

For a long time I boycotted using plastic baggies (I also avoid like the plague tin foil and plastic wrap for various reasons I'm sure you can guess).  But more and more these days I find need for plastic bags: for wet bathing suits and messy snacks and the such.

I have to admit, though I really hate to, plastic bags make life easy in certain situations.  But I've successfully found replacements like my baggu bags for groceries and snack traps for after school fruit type snacks at the playground.

Luckily, my friend Maren Briggs is beyond crafty and supertalented.  She made me some amazing reusable baggies from recycled fabric scraps.  She sews amazing kids clothes for her etsy site with vintage fabrics and with the scraps from that she makes baggies.  How amazing?!?  And totally earth friendly and eco-conscious, I love it!

My bag is filled with her baggies compartmentalizing my life.  It's brilliant!

Cloth Napkins by MU Are For Me

Mu Kitchen makes eco-friendly kitchen products. I while back I mentioned my goal to stop using paper towel in an effort to be less wasteful.  Since then we've adopted another earth-friendly habit in our home: cloth napkins.  I realized we created so much waste with paper napkins three times a day every day and wanted to find a solution.  When wandering the aisles of Whole Foods one day with my mom I noticed some supersoft bamboo napkins and decided to take some home and give them a whirl.

Turns out we love them!  They look great at the table, are way softer than paper napkins, last for more than one meal often, and are way way WAY better for our environment.

We bought 12 MU Kitchen napkins in two different shades of green and we'd never go back to paper.  As a matter of fact I get a little salty every time we get delivery and they throw in a stack of napkins!

Any cloth napkins are preferable to paper ones (reduce, reuse, you know the drill), but the ones we purchased are made of bamboo, are biodegradable, sustainable, produced without any pesticides, and dyed with eco-friendly dyes!

Buy, Sell, Trade?!?

Love Life and Lollipops- Vintage Wrap Dress 1

Ok, so I didn’t when I ventured into Govnor’s Vintage (Park Slope’s new vintage thrift shop), but it’s definitely in the cards for me. Shopping vintage is not only one of my favorite things to do (I literally built a clothing line out of vintage t’s, but that’s a whole nother post and was what feels like a million years ago), but it is also earth friendly!  Vintage shopping is your fashion equivalent to recycling plastic bottles (or paper, boxes, whatever, you get it).

While, of course, most of my closet consists of new pieces from new designers, the highlights are certainly vintage and those are some of my most fun pieces.

Today I snagged this amazing floral wrap dress.  Paired with flops in the summer=supereasy or with some cute flats, a long necklace (like these long Balinese pearls from my collection,, and a cropped cardigan and you’re set for a night out on the town.

Next time I hit up Guvnor’s I’m bringing a bag full of stuff from my closet (as I have a ton of stuff I decided I don’t “need” after this past move) to trade, as I saw a few things I wasn’t sure if I should have left behind!