Amazingly Comfortable, How Did I Live Without: Danskos

Dansko clogs are amazingly comfortable! Until recently I actively ignored everyone who told me that I HAD to buy a pair of Dansko clogs.  My doula (who is also a yoga instructor), a my mother in-law (who's seen every doctor and therapist under the sun about her horrible back problems), and a friend who ran the marathon and ruined her feet are just a few in the long line of people who tout Danskos as the best shoe on the market.

I eyed them from afar not knowing if I could pull them off.  Were they too clunky?  Hippie-ish?  Ugly?  Nordic?  Nonetheless I was drawn to them...

Luckily the shoe store on my corner, DNA Footwear, which I love, carries a huge selection.  A few weeks ago I sauntered in after a day of walking in some flat footed shoes that were killing my feet and started trying.  And guess what: they're totally cute, amazingly comfortable, they totally tone my legs when exercise walking (or at least it feels like it...all the way up to my sad little butt), and they carry vegan styles!!!

Dansko clogs are so comfortable and totally vegan and great for your feet!