Brown Rice and Pesto Dinner

Brown Rice with Pesto Dinner

Love Life and Lollipops- Brown Rice with Pesto Dinner

This vegan dinner was totally delicious and easy to prepare! A week or so ago, I threw together this delicious and totally easy dinner.  It was perfect for a hot summer night, totally nourishing, and perfectly filling.  It was more compiling ingredients than anything, but it all fit together nicely.  It was a great mix of cool, raw, fresh ingredients and hot cooked brown rice.  You could use any variations you like here.  I chose short grain brown rice, sweet cherry tomatoes, avodado, gomasio (like the one I wrote about here), a spritz of lemon juice, and pesto.

Often I make my own pesto, but in this case I found a great one in the store that came in a nifty, squeezy package and was dairy free!  It's made by a company called Maison Le Grand out of Canada and from checking out there site, it looks like they have tons of other tasty products too!