Sweats for Sitting Around

Love Life and Lollipops- Dead T and eve*lynn Sweats

While I'd love to pretend that I'm capable of looking cute all day every day, it's so far from the truth that I couldn't even pull off the lie let alone actually looking the part.  The truth actually is that while style is really important to me, comfort plays just as big a role (if not bigger) in my life. And while I can't deny that on those evenings that I have an event I spend most of the day weighing outfit options in my head then try on each of my selections with as many accessory combinations that I can think of.  I love to find (and wear) a perfect outfit.  Something casual looking, but put together just so that it all works perfectly with the right amount of sparkle.  I always feel so proud of myself when I find a solidly good outfit for something special.

That said, nearly every time I get home (and plan on being there for more than an hour) I change into something comfy.  Usually it's sweats or leggings with a pullover sweatshirt or t.  I have two drawers dedicated to comfy, "throw-on" clothing for around the house so that I can easily wash up and grab whatever's on top.  Most of it is vintage (since the breaking in process takes a while and it helps when someone else has put some 10 years into it!).

So, I do my best to keep cute and comfy stuff in those drawers, but I'll be honest, comfy trumps cute in this tale!  Below are pics of me in some of my favs:

(the sweats are all from my past collection and the tops are all vintage)

This is my favorite vintage Grateful Dead t and vintage sweats. This vintage t is the most comfy and the sweats are simple and broken in. This old-school Mickey Mouse sweatshirt is vintage and so are the sweats.