Sweat Equity: Steam, Sauna, Spa

Image via http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0j71mPfBfBc/TkKrsqV6zpI/AAAAAAAAAiA/7E4nTknwYUw/s1600/sweating+woman+big.jpg In all my reading, across the board, the top doctors say we need to sweat more.  Be it through exercise or sweat bathing, sweating aids our bodies in detoxification and cleansing.  I do my best to get a good, heavy sweat every time I exercise.  The more we sweat, the more toxins we're expelling from our bodies!

But exercise is not the only way you can get a solid sweat on, steam and saunas are excellent ways to sweat, relax, and have some quiet time.  I do my best to get at least 20 minutes of sweat on any time I can.

You can also enhance the experience with essential oils like eucalyptus.  I also always make sure to get my circulation pumping by showering off every 5-10 minutes in a supercold shower.  It gets my blood pumping, my heart going, and my glow on.

Yup, I said my glow on.  Sweat bathing and cold plunging can help not only your insides, but your outsides too.  It'll help brighten and tighten your skin while cleansing your system and upping your energy.

So next time you have the chance, pop into the steam or sauna for a bit and work on your body from the inside out!