Super Simple and Satisfying Breakfast

Love Life and Lollipops- Super Simple and Satisfying Breakfast

This breakfast of greens and tofu and sprouted toast is vegan and delicious. Often I find that the simplest meals are the most satisfying.  Organic food, closest to it's natural state, has a profound affect on my mind and body.  These are, kind of, some of the basic principles of macrobiotics (which we loosely follow in this house...mostly because we feel the best when eating this way).

The other day, a weekend morning, we where at the beach house with a million members of Richie's family (read: 20 or so), all of whom were fixing up bagels and eggs and bacon (oysh, yes bacon) for breakfast.  I was craving a big breakfast, but not one that'd leave me too full (often the case under the influence of family) or regretting.  I checked through the fridge for healthy, breakfasty goods.  I came out with some dark leafies, a block of tofu (organic, non-gmo, sprouted of course), some garlic, and sprouted grain bread.  I sautéed the greens and garlic in a bit of olive oil in a cast iron pan and sprinkled them with sea salt.  Once they cooked down a bit, I pushed them to the sides and made room to brown my tofu.  I had already cut it in half and drained it (I also wrap it in a kitchen towel and put some weight on it to get all the water out before cooking).  I added a tid bit more oil to the center of the pan and seared the tofu in the center.  While it cooked I toasted the bread.

I served it together and slatherd the toast with a bit of avocado.  I also used some hot sauce (cause I love me some hot sauce...Cholula chili garlic is my fave) and it was perfect and delicious and energizing and filling.  Yum!