Love Life and Lollipops- Safe Sunning

Safe suntanning So I know this post is coming a little later in the season than I would have liked, but it took a bit of research and asking around to figure out how I felt about the whole thing.

For some time now I've been very careful about making sure that all of my make up and lotions, shampoos, and the rest of my (and my family's) products are paraben and phthalate-free.  It's really so important that these things that we wear on our skin on a daily basis are chemical free.  Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs all those things we rub into and all over it!  And so, I've made it my business to find products that we love to replace all of the chemical ridden ones we used to use.

Sunscreen was always a part of this concern and so I used what I understood to be safe and chemical-free versions.  Here's the thing, recently there has been a lot of chatter about our sunscreens and retinyl palmitate (a vitamin a derivative, and from what I can understand, it's derived from animals).  Apparently for some time, the FDA has known that retinyl palmitate is linked to skin cancer and may increase the risk and/or growth of it.  Unfortunately this information has just recently been leaked and consumers are worried.

Furthermore, some preliminary studies have shown that micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (found in many popular sunscreens) can have seriously dangerous effects on our health.

Go ahead and read more for yourself.  Be responsible and aware of what you put on and in your bodies and make sure you are making informed decisions.  Here are a couple interesting articles:

Alarmed and upset after reading these and more, I surfed over to The Environmental Working Group's website to see what they suggest we use and here's what I found and tried: (they're rated on a 0-2 rating for recommended sunscreens, anything above a 2 they suggest using with caution)

The Badger sunscreen gets an overall 1  rating which is about as good as it gets.  It seems to work really well, but is thick and pretty white and feels waxy on your hands when you go in the pool...  It was though very well priced.

The Soleo Organics sunscreen definitely rubbed in much better than the Badger and felt much smoother and more moisturizing than the Badger sunscreen.  It also has a 1 rating by the EWG.  I have to say that I was a fan, but it is really pricey!  Not sure I could afford it throughout the summer seeing as I am a reapplication queen.

Now this one I've been using for years (actually I love the lavender scented one).  It rubs in smoothly, is super moisturizing, and the smell is superrelaxing.  It's well priced and is relatively easy to find.  The only issue I have is that it is rated a 2, not a 1...

Do any of you have sunscreens you love that're worth trying?  There are a few more on EWG's list I'm going to try to get to this summer, but I'd love any advice or suggestions!

Here I am slathering on some Alba sunscreen like a pro (don't forget all your nooks and crevices):

And don't forget to not only slather on the sunscreen this coming weekend (and all those to follow), but wear a sun hat!  Here I am in mine: